Ford, Take Note: Your New Spokesperson Awaits, a 5 Year Old Girl Named Serena [Video]

This is just so cute - Serena is my kind of  automotive "girl-power" role model!Jody, Inc.
Serena age 5 posted another adorable Part 2 p Video to Mr. President of Ford Motor Company here: ...more

football playing girl ends season on a high note!

i have not blogged in a while, but i have so much to talk about! my football playing daughter ended her season with a championship win....ok ok i know it is so not the superbowl. for goodness sakes its only our community youth league and the players are in third and fourth grade! but this little adventure into a male dominated sport has been the best thing my nine year old has done in her short little life! and it has been a pleasure for me, singlemomming it, to watch! maybe because i was living out my girlhood fantasy through her, or maybe because really she is just that good!...more