From where I stand: Aiturgan Djoldoshbekova and Aigul Alybaeva

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You Aren't Alone

I'm that girl. The girl who hid behind a mask for so long. It sounds cliche, I promise it's not. I was just a girl with a horrible secret. It's the only part of my childhood I remember vividly. Now 18 years later, I am still remembering it, with a family of my own, it's hard to think about what happened and to look at him  the same.  I was six years old when I was first molested by a family member and my neighbor's son who was there when we got babysat. I remember it like it was yesterday.......more

Monday/Friday: A lesson in modeling good behavior

Sixth grade is hard; harder then any other grade so far. I think it's because they are on on the cusp of adulthood.   Their bodies are changing and so are their thoughts.  They don't know what to make of it all because they still want mommy to kiss it and make it all better.On Monday, when I went to pick up Miss A, I could tell the minute our eyes met that something happened.  She tried her hardest to keep it in until she reached the safety of my arms and then the tears flowed.  The other moms around us understood  what happened.  ...more

When You're all Alone, Do You Like Your Body Image?

I watched Colbie Calliat’s amazing new video Try over the weekend. It literally brought me to tears. I immediately showed it to my three daughters, followed by this video from last year which shows an average-sized woman getting photo-shopped into a model. It was time to teach them about the real world....more

10 Things That Every Dad Can Teach His Daughter

10 Things Dads Can Teach Their Daughters ...more

Wardrobe Ideas For Your Baby Girl

Mallory and I recently participated in a swap called "Looks for Littles" hosted by Kaitlyn and Megan. You are matched with another mama who has a baby of the same gender and close in age to your own; you piece together a "look," then swap!  ...more

Teaching Girls That Gravity Rocks

Breaking News: LEGO Fails Girls (Again)

Oh LEGO. You’ve gone and done it again.In April 2012 representatives from your company met with SPARK.  After that meeting I had such hope that there would be change in your approach to toy design. Admittedly, I let things slide. I got busy and stopped paying attention for a while so I didn't know where things stood. Then today I saw this:...more

Can you be "Best Friends" With Your Teenage Daughter?

I raised the question on my Facebook Page recently.  Do you think you can be "Best Friends" with your daughter ...more

Hollywoodtutu- Turning little girls into princess'

  I recently interviewed Chevonne, owner and designer at Hollywoodtutu.  Her array of tutus for young girls,  are anywhere from characters to flower girl dresses.  ...more