My Girl, I Hope You Love Your Body

It's been on my mind a lot this week. 2013 is brand new and it brings with it those promises we all love to make to ourselves. I've started to think about my body. Just like I do every single year at this time. I think about how I want to treat it better and be healthier. How I want to be nicer to myself when I'm inside of my head chatting away. These are good things, of course. But then something inevitably happens....more

How Volunteering Builds Self-Esteem

Many teens today do have healthy self-esteem.  I find teens that engage in one of 3 specific activities to have the highest self-esteem and the most positive self-regard. Theses activities center around doing for others and/or have a higher purpose beyond self....more

How to Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is basically how we see ourselves in relation to others. It’s not fixed, which means it’s changeable. We all have good days and bad days, but every day is a new opportunity for changing or repairing our self-esteem. To treat ourselves right.  Here are just 5 quick tips that will help repair your self-esteem.1. Have a positive outlook...more

The RAISE Technique for Building Healthy Teen Self-Esteem

 R - ResilienceA - AttitudeI - IndependenceS - Self-respectE - EmpowermentFor many of us, we have daily struggles at home, at work, as well as in our social lives. For adults, managing many of these relationships can be difficult....more

Is It Okay to Tell Your Child She Didn't Do a Good Job?

The youngest daughter is nine, and a year and a half ago, she decided to abandon the world of dance for the soccer field. My reaction was mixed. I loathed the world of dance moms, but as a recovering Catholic schoolgirl, completive sports probably aren’t the best alternative.I played sports the way most women of my generation did - with cutthroat abandon. Not for us was the idea of that sports was all about the "fun" and the "team spirit". We played to win. Second was, and continues to be, the first loser for me....more
@BlogHerMoms There are better ways to talk to your kids, or anyone for that matter. Also, the ...more

Dear Barbie

Dear Barbie,Now that I am an adult, there are a few things I think you should know.I always wanted to be like you. You had the perfect body, bright eyes, shiny hair, and millions of admirers. I thought you were what it meant to be a woman....more

I was fascinated by Barbie growing up. My mother banned Barbie in the house b/c of the very ...more

Above the Influence " I Do ME" Commercial


Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be True, Be Naturally YOU!

   I am amazed to see how many women today have forgotten their worth and value. They have lost their true beauty. I cannot blame them alone because society plays a great part in a woman’s mindset. It is time for women to reclaim their confidence, value, and self-worth. It is time for us to break the mold and accept ourselves just the way God created us to be.   I know it sounds simple but it is not as easy as you think....more