Getting Gozer What She Needs

In the last psychologists meeting I brought all five kids (my girls, Gozer, and Gozer’s brother Gamer) so that the doctor could see Gozer interact with them. All went very well. As we were leaving the doctor pulled me aside and said, “I want you to know I am now getting contradictory information from Gozer’s parents. Their information is so different from what I have seen and the information provided by you and her grandparents that I believe it represents a commitment on their part to avoid an Asperger’s diagnosis....more

Being Her Own Advocate: Growing Up with Learning Disabilities

Imagine that you are afraid of public speaking, I mean really terrified of it. And yet, had a job that required you to address large groups everyday. The people around keep saying that it will get better, that the support is in place, that you will be fine.But you are not. It is just that sinking feeling in your gut day after day day after day.When you have a learning disability, walking into class everyday goes beyond a struggle with the alarm clock. It is day after day of feeling like you are dumb, that you are hopeless. The struggle is constant. ...more