Why Sarah Cuts. (The ugly side of low self-esteem.)

 My interview with a 16 year old cutter....more

Change is Permanent; Suck It Up and Get Used to It

I lack the sufficient number of fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve heard my dad say those words:  Change is Permanent.  Meaning, nothing ever stays the same, so you might as well stop fighting, stop trying to control and embrace it.  Neither embracing change nor giving up control, however, has EVER been easy for me.  ...more

How Teens Define Self-Esteem

I love to ask teen girls to define self-esteem. Some of them give very poignant definitions of self-esteem. They mention how they feels about  themselves and how others view them as well....more

The RAISE Technique for Building Healthy Teen Self-Esteem

 R - ResilienceA - AttitudeI - IndependenceS - Self-respectE - EmpowermentFor many of us, we have daily struggles at home, at work, as well as in our social lives. For adults, managing many of these relationships can be difficult....more

TWLOHA ... Internet Heroes..

You know, about a year ago a friend of mine... Who has been my friend since the dark days (High School LOL) was staying at my house and upon getting out of the shower... Towel still wrapped around her head, pulling her eyebrows up and making her look like a Vulcan... Tracked me down and in "that" voice (you know that voice right? the I’m really concerned about you, firm because I think you’re doing something wrong, but scared your going to go off the deep end if I mention it voice......more

The Beauty Myth

You've seen replicas of the Mona Lisa.  Did you ever notice that she is ugly.  I don't mean no disrespect to a heralded piece of art.  I just happen to think it's fascinating that back then a woman's face that was not "pretty" could have been considered so mesmerizing.  What was it about her that was considered so beautiful?  They say it was the look in her eyes....more