The Day I Heard Her Dad Tell Her, "Not Bad for a Girl"

"Not bad for a girl." It made me cringe from the top of my head down the tips of my blue-painted toenails. Words spoken by a father to his little girl about her belt promotion in karate. It wasn't meant to be mean. He was just kidding. It was their little inside joke. He couldn't be prouder, actually. But he still said the words. And she still heard them. ...more
Absolutely one of my pet peeves.   I know people mean nothing by it, but if people actually ...more

My Football Obsession and Girls in the Game

By Francesca Catalano, faculty member at American Public UniversityMy name is Francesca and I have an unusual obsession: for some reason I have become enamored with college football at a university I have never attended, taught for, or--until recently--even visited: Louisiana State University.  I can’t really explain how this happened. ...more

Batting with boys

At a recent Little League baseball game my attention, to be perfectly honest, was somewhat divided between watching my son Webster play, chatting with other mums and working a little on my laptop, when all of a sudden I thought I spotted a swinging ponytail out of the corner of my eye.  Long haired boys are not uncommon where we live, so I focused my eyes fully on the field and to my delight discovered that the opposing team did indeed have a girl player.     ...more

My Baseball Playing Girl is Chasing Chelsea Baker...

"What the! Ump are you blind? You need to go see an eye doctor!" or  "Really? Really, come on now!" and my favorite "THAT'S RIGHT! BABY GIRL JUST LIKE THAT!"  All words yelled from my mouth this baseball season as I watched my girl pitch in the Little League Majors. She did not get the opportunity to pitch much considering the coach had grandsons on the team. Actually I hated the way she was often treated, but kept it status quo at the request of my daughter and did not go ape poop on people. After all this was her time not mine....more

Sports Girl Talk Offers Injury Prevention Tip for Young Athletic Girls

 Injury Prevention Tip for Girls in Sports February 15, 2010 by gameonsportscamp | Edit From the Expert’s Desk:...more

The Travel Athlete - Finding Family Balance

  (MORE SPORTS GIRL TALK) At age 6 my oldest was traveling the region. Within a couple of years, he was traveling the country.  From that point on, through his senior year in high school, he was labeled an elite gymnast, life controlled by the rigors of relatively intense training and travel. Of course school and a social life had to figure prominently in his schedule as well. Life could have easily revolved around his needs and his needs alone....more