Parent to Parent: Letter to my gymnastics team

Every day we expect so much of our girls. We expect them to deal with extreme amounts of physical and mental stress at such a young age. We expect them to understand what it means to be a team without a real example. We expect them to self motivate and find encouragement outside of us. This is a lot! This is not football, soccer, or cheerleading. This sport may be a true individual sport but the strength and motivation comes from the team. The only one that truly understands what it really takes is their teammate. At this stage in the game emotional pulls are getting stronger....more

Girls Sports - Might your young athlete be trying TOO hard?

I’ll venture to bet that at some point, while watching a young kids’ sporting event or lesson, your attention has been drawn to one participant. Interestingly, this time it’s not because she is dominating or incredibly talented. Nor is it a behavioral problem or even a heroic effort. Rather this time it is because your heart is drawn to that one participant that is trying too hard.  ...more