Tales from a Volleyball Mom

Sports Moms. Just the two words are enough to make anyone say 'oh Lord'. I mean, you've seen it on the news, on reality tv, and on the internet. Moms on the sidelines of any soccer field, football field, basketball court, or volleyball court. Sure, you have seen the dads, some say they are worse; but I believe moms are a tad bit more emotionally invested than dads are....more
The volleyball mom is the new cheer mom that is all I can say.  Most of the coaches my daughter ...more

Womens Beach Volleyball World Championships Results from Gstaad, Switzerland

I love Gstaad, Switzerland. I played there in my first European stop on the FIVB tour several years ago. The country’s scenery is spectacular, the people are awesome and its pretty easy to get to the borders of a couple of neighboring countries. If you ever want to taste the best chocolate in the world go to Switzerland! ...more