Throw Like a Girl: Reviewing Softball Legend Jennie Finch's New Book

You may recognize her from her pitching in the Olympics. Or from the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. Or even from The Apprentice. Now you should also recognize her as an author....more

Laila Ali on Raising Confident Girls, On and Off the Field

--By Laila Ali My family has a long tradition of sports and being active, and I’m excited about continuing that tradition with my children. For me, it’s about so much more than competition! The lessons I learned through sports have carried over into all aspects of my life and made me a stronger woman in the many roles I play as a wife, mom and business woman. ...more

Tis the Season!

Little Sister get ready for the best time of the year, it's football season (GO CHARGERS)!! Now with BBQs, balls and cheerleaders right around the corner - I think now is the best time to teach you a bit about "sports etiquette" for ladies. At the end of every summer the world becomes divided into two camps - the girls that love sports and the girls that don't. No matter what "team" you’re on (pun intended) it's important my dear that you avoid a series of annoying faux pas....more