Girl’s night out. Better than therapy.

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.comI have a question for you:When was the last time you had a “girl’s night out”?PS. I don’t want to sound racist or anything but if you’re not a girl, this question may not be for you.Why do I ask?...more


Last night, my best friend Jenna and I went to see the Broadway production, WICKED. We had the worst seats in the house (yet still quite expensive). It was a wonderful show; I was impressed. Pre WICKED, we had appetizers and drinks at CRAVE. It was a great night out- but we can easily have as much fun just meeting up at the local coffee shop. ...more

Moms and Wine and Laughter

     It's been a busy week, which for me means little to no blogging time. Rose has been up every night, I had my nieces over, and I have been pretty busy with "Camp Awesome." I also made a new friend through the "blogosphere", who could be me if I lived in the Mid-West (don't take offense, New Friend, if it's not the Mid-West...every place that's west of Massachusetts but isn't California is the Mid-West on my mental map.) I even managed a girls' night out--well, actually, in, as we are all in the same financial sinkhole this week--with 2 of my 3 best friends....more
only_mama thank you :)more

Munchkins, Walkers And A Mother Hangover

Before I was somebody’s mother, I used to cover up the gray.  I used to get my hair blown out.   My make-up saw the light of day.  Happy hour wasn’t my daughter’s nightly nap.  Putting on lotion wasn’t a luxury.  My heels and skirts weren’t considered vintage.   Saturday, my single-for-a-day alter ego, Dirty Martini, came out to play.  She only makes rare appearances, once every six months to a year.  She knows when I really need her to appear. ...more