Attention NaBloPoMo Bloggers! Who would like a FREE PASS to BlogHer PRO '14?

I am one of the lucky winners of a free pass to BlogHer Pro '14 on December 3-4 in the Silicon Valley as part of BlogHer's 2014 November NaBloPoMo sweepstakes!Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, so my free pass is up for grabs to the first person who can use it and would like to have it.Shoot me an email at with your name and your blog name. I will pass the information along to the BlogHer in charge of this and she will give you the information to use my pass....more

Old Factory Candle Review and Giveaway!!!!

I love my house to smell good as we all probably do. I am so sensitive to fragrances though it is hard for me to find non toxic candles that do not give me a instant migraine....more

Win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

To celebrate over a year of blogging with more success than I could imagine, I am giving away a brand new shiny KitchenAid Stand Mixer on my blog this month, just in time for Thanksgiving!All you have to do is tell me what you are thankful for, and share it with your friends!To enter, visit here: luck!...more


ElectroTherapy Unit for Pain Relief

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsEnter here: Psst. Hey you…runner. Can you read me? I have something amazing to share with you…Yeah, I’m talking to you. Come here....more

Help Feeding America - Eat Cheese #Giveaway

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsEnter #Giveaway here: you know that 1 in 6 people living in the United States, struggle with hunger?...more

Mango Salsa from Jason Wyrick - "Vegan Tacos" - A Book Giveaway!So who’s Jason Wyrick? Chef Jason Wyrick is the executive chef

So who's Jason Wyrick? Chef Jason Wyrick is the executive chef of The Vegan Taste, a cooking instructor, caterer, a former diabetic, and founder of the world's first vegan food magazine, The Vegan Culinary Experience. Jason was the first vegan culinary instructor in the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu program through Scottsdale Culinary Institute, and has catered for many corporations. Jason has taught hundreds of vegan cooking classes around the world. His work as been featured in the New York Times, Vegetarian News, and on both local and national television....more

NYC Pet Portraits Giveaway – Oil Painting

These paintings are amazing! If you have a pet or know someone that does, you’ll want this!This would make a wonderful Christmas gift! ...more

Artisans in the Andes: A leap into the unknown

One of the most rewarding parts of blogging is meeting amazing and inspirational individuals and companies on-line that are proof that, contrary to what the news would have us believe, not all in the world is bad... not all of us are out there to exploit our planet’s resources and disadvantaged people for our own selfish profit... but instead that there of so many people out there who are choosing every day to make their lives ‘meaningful’ and courageously live by their values, work for others and put their energy and passion into building a better world....more

Mommy Needs A Getaway Giveaway

 Mommy Needs A Getaway Giveaway All mommies need a break! Wouldn’t it be great to have a vacation? Get your entries in. ...more