Survivor Second Chance Recap: The First Cut is the Deepest Plus Fashion Giveaway

The Fall television season never starts for me until the premiere of Survivor and hip hip hooray IT.FINALLY.STARTED.  The season of Survivor Second Chance has begun and this is your Survivor Second Chance recap for every episode.  Ever since the season finale last May where we saw the selected “second chance” cast members board a bus to begin filming, I’ve been waiting for this day and it did not disappoint....more


Let's play a game! I will have a giveaway once I reach 100 followers! This means you have to share my posts/page with your friends and family! Once I get more followers, I will be able to write more fun things and play games and  have giveaways!START SHARING NOW!!! :) -Mom Who Schools...more

$100 Disney Gift Card Giveaway!

$100 DISNEY GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!!!Posted on February 20, 2015 by Debra...more

Hydration. And Free Stuff.

Ever since I got back from vacation I've been a little obsessed with water, Reader. Maybe because I was surrounded by it for so many days.  Often, while I looked out at the ocean from my balcony on the cruise ship it crossed my mind what a better experience I was having than the guy from the movie Unbroken, and I wondered if he had ever wanted to go on a cruise ship and I made up my own answer of probably not....more

Handmade Custom Wooden Print || Giveaway

Hello!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I'm so excited to share these handmade wooden prints with you!  Lauren from Designbylulu creates handmade wooden prints from your very own photographs.  Using a process of transferring ink from a photograph into grains of wood, a rustic piece is created. Each and every piece is unique and has perfect imperfections....more

Pinrose Petal Packs Perfume Giveaway

I'm not one to usually wear perfume. I have allergies, and I'm super sensitive to smells. So usually I just bypass perfume. But when I heard about Pinrose, I was intrigued. Being someone who is constantly in motion, and I know that many of you are the same way, I found this product to be very useful.  I'm talking about Pinrose, and their fragrances are in petal packs. They are perfect on-the-go packs....more

Birthday Blessings: 10 Things I'm Grateful For and Giveaway

 I think October is a fun and special month - fall is kicking in and the weather cools down, leaves start to turn and then the month goes out with a bang on Halloween.  Another reason October is a fun month for me is because my birthday is celebrated during this  month.  This year, I felt even more grateful for my birthday and felt blessed to celebrate and grow another year.  ...more

#AllTreatsNoTricks Giveaway Hop

 October will be over soon and so will this amazing #AllTreatsNoTricks Giveaway Hop that is hosted by Up All Night Blogging and The Hopping Bloggers!  This month, I'm giving away three different prizes to three different winners.  The prizes are one Dollar Tree Gift Card ($25), a hard copy of the awesome book, "The Incredible Miss Vicky" along with a pack of coloring pencils, a shirt from "Beautiful Births" along with a web code for a half off web code on the DVD....more