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Happy President's Day- GIVEAWAY!

I was planning on holding off till March to do another giveaway, but thought I would throw this one in, in addition to the one I am having for March.  Last week I won this pretty camera strap cover by Ruthanne from Eclectic Whatnot. ...more


I read this book the other day, and loved it!  I'm giving away 1 copy, and the winner also gets a sneak preview of my new library book bag!  To enter (you have 4 chances to enter!), go here! Giveaway ends Monday, February 21 at 7AM (CST), and the winner will be announced by noon the same day!...more

I Love Handmade Contest

Don't you just love handmade products? I know I do. Everything from clothing to pottery to jewelry to makeup! Not everyone realizes just how great handmade can be though. So to help spread around the fabulousness of handmade goods, I'm having a contest!...more

The Very. First. Superwife. Giveaway!!

I read so many blogs that give away stuff, and I although I never win anything I totally still think it's cool. Therefore... you should continue to read my blog and tell all of your friends, coworkers, family, enemies, etc to read this blog BECAUSE I'M GONNA GIVE AWAY FREE SHIT. Woot! So... I've got a custom knit hat just for you. I won't even make it until you win it. How cool is that? Bet you couldn't guess I'd give away a hat, eh?...more

A little GIVEAWAY-'cause it's Tuesday and why not?

I was lucky enough to be selected to throw a Coffee Mate party for their Free Flavor Friday event....more

Name It and Win It Handmade Soap Contest

I have created a new rose and violet scented soap for spring - which will soon be introduced to my shop....more


Check out our new giveaway for a Mommy Necklace, a breastfeeding fashionable necklace!Click here GOOD LUCK!!