Gives Me Hope and Operation Beautiful: Can You Change the World With Positive Thinking? Yes.

Part two of a two-part post: Caitlin Boyle of and Gaby Montero of both seem to say based on their experiences with being more positive and how people have responded to their motivational Web sites and blogs that we humans greatly underestimate thinking positively. ...more

I'm a teacher at a small HS, and the bullying that I read about in the news has really impacted ...more

Can You Change Your Life With Positive Thinking? Yes.

I believe that when we consistently stumble into the same messages, or the same thoughts flit across our mental screens repeatedly -- and those thoughts are reasonable, not crazy -- that the universe is speaking to us, and we should pay attention. So, when a BlogHer staff member suggested a contributing editor write about the blogs Operation Beautiful and Gives Me Hope and interview their founders, I raised my hand in cyberspace, "Oooh! Ooh-ooh-ooh! I'll do it!" ...more

I am glad to see that you continue to explore positivity.  Thanks for the GMH ...more