Motherly Advice

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.  ~Anne Frank   If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.  ~Mother Teresa   ...more

Pay It Forward Friday


May I ask why you've chosen to go overseas for adoption vs. going stateside?more

Giving love with no strings attached

We are innately loving beings. When we are in touch with ourselves, and even if not, who we are radiates through our hearts to others. When we love, the flow can be a blessing and healing. However, don’t expect others to be able to have all of what you offer.The love you are and beam outward will flow and be there for others. It is a blessing that may or may not be received, depending upon who can have it. Others have their own issues and agendas. They may not need or want your love right now. It is not a reflection on you or the quality of your love....more

What can be more essential than giving?

Christina at the Northern Cheapskate blog recently wrote about needing a new toaster cover. The old one doesn’t owe her a thing because it’s more than a decade old, a “well-intentioned gift” from her mother that initially left Christina embarrassed. It was an old person’s item. Women in their early 20s didn’t use toaster covers....more

4 ways to think about money.

 Want to drop a bad habit or develop a good one? You need a plan. Or, rather, you need a list. We Americans love our lists. We especially love short lists. Just check the headlines on magazines, features sites or blogs. You’ll almost certainly see ones like “Three easy steps to lose weight/stop smoking/become a millionaire.” Having a list makes us feel we’re already halfway to achieving our goals. Lists make us feel confident and in charge: I’ve got it all figured out! Now I just have to implement it!...more


In  less than two months, I'm back in my hometown. Familiar places and familiar faces to see  and meet  once again. Most of all, the thoughts of gobbling all the food I'm craving for excite me. I can finally  eat and relish as much as I want to. Our tickets were bought last month, already with assigned seats. So all we have to do is pack our luggage, board the flight and go ....more

If you read one blog post of mine, make it this one

[Cross-posted at] Funders expect the nonprofits they support to demonstrate impact, prove their effectiveness, all of which makes perfect sense.  Even when charities push back, donors still want to know that their dollars are going as far as possible to solve social problems.  But. ...more

Brigid Slipka

Event Chair Matrix - Worker Bee to Diva

When it comes to chairing an event in the world of volunteer fundraising, it's no question it takes a certain type of dedicated character who can pull off a successful event. The responsibility of managing committees, budgets, vendors, marketing, and all else in between requires an individual who can demonstrate leadership while being a team player. ...more

Vivanista is the go-to community for philanthropic living and giving. Come visit, let us know if ...more

Are Charity Galas Facing Extinction?

The earth evolves and the world turns. The poor old dinosaur hit a brick wall due to the ice age…or was it a meteor? Or both? Whatever you believe one thing is for sure, they ultimately couldn’t survive the resulting dramatic climate change. So is the lavish black-tie Charity Gala in for its own abrupt end? A storm of factors are causing fundraising organizations from Newport Beach to Palm Beach to re-evaluate the scale and grandeur of black-tie galas. ...more

Giving With A Purpose: Which Charities Deserve Your Dollars?

Making charitable contributions is an important way to give back to our communities or to causes and organizations that inspire us. Giving should be a part of any financial plan. Just as you will do research to determine the best investments or insurance for your situation, you should also plan your charitable contributions carefully. After all, money is hard-earned, and you’d want to maximize the impact of your giving dollars. ...more
It can be difficult to decide, on who you will give to. :)more