Five frugal ways to give back this holiday season

Despite my frantic pleading with my calendar to tell me something else, Thanksgiving is only a week away... and after that, it's the breakneck-pace Holiday Season until we hit 2010. It's the most wonderful frantic time of the year, and often one that ends up being expensive, too. ...more

nice article, time is really something that no money can equate. time spent to the people you ...more

Give the Gift of Enough

Last Sunday we read Luke 12, the passagein which Jesus warns his disciples about worry. ...more

Help fund school projects in your area

October has always been one of my favorite months of they year. Nice weather, Canadian Thanksgiving, my birthday, Halloween and let's face it, anything is better than September. But really, the best thing about October is the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge (formerly known as the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge.) ...more

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When Children Emulate Their Parents

Many years ago, when my husband and I were travelling in New England, we came across a little boy and his father who were the best of buddies. The child was approximately 4-5 years old and had the same jeans, running shoes and white T-shirt on as his dad. He even wore his baseball cap to the side like his father. The father had a unique stride as he walked in front of his son, who was a foot behind his dad. ...more

Charity Auction Tips

With the recession suppressing charity fund raiser ticket sales, more and more organizations are looking to Live Auctions to help make up for lost revenue.  Many are huge successes but there are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your own:     1.       If you have international travel packages you will substantially increase the value by including airfare. If you have no ...more

Giving When You're Unemployed: It Could Make You Happier and Wealthier

Americans tend to define themselves by their work. How many times have you gone to a party and been asked, "What do you do?" When you lose your job, you can lose not only your cash flow, but also your confidence. What's one answer to the unemployment blues? Giving. ...more

I forgot to mention a post by co-Contributing Editor, Beth Kanter, more

Issue Fatigue: What's the Cure?

Jill Finlayson and Hildy Gottlieb's post last week on Social Edge, Issue Fatigue: Fighting for Attention and Funds in an Aware World has stirred up conversations about the sustainability of friendraising and fundraising in these over-networked times. Their post generated over 50 comments. ...more

 Good advice, Candelaria.  Sounds like you have a giving plan, either in your mind, or ...more

From Ashton Kutcher to Soup: Super Bowl Giving

It never hurts to organize a fundraising campaign around an event, even the Super Bowl.  I've compiled some  Super Bowl fundraiser ideas, celebrity events, and corporate cause marketing campaigns below. The Following the Equator blog has several ideas for Super Bowl Fundraisers including raffling off a flat screen TV, and setting up a football pool. ...more

Thanks for the information about the Habitat for Humanity SuperBuild, miscellanea. It ...more

Raising Charitable Kids

I want my kids to be very aware of the world outside their safe little nest. As heartbreaking as it may be, I want them to know that there are many people living with hurt, need, hardship and loss. It isn't always an easy line for a parent to walk--I don't want to heap guilt upon my children (the whole "clean-your-plate-because-of-the-starving-children-in-Africa" routine). I do want them to enjoy what we've been given with thankful hearts. But I believe a healthy awareness of the need around them is good for a child. ...more


It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job with a very difficult but very important ...more

Kids & Charitableness

Most of my charitable efforts have been animal related. I've been active in animal rescue, especially that of bully breeds like Boxers and Pit Bulls, for years now and my girls have been attending rescue events with me since birth. For me, dogs are so much easier to be giving towards - I'm definitely an animal person and I always have been. Recently, I've been trying to get more active in charities relating to people, mainly children. ...more

Late last year I was wondering how difficult it would be to do one charitable act each day. I ...more