Foodbank Challenge

Recently, PunditMom celebrated her 50th birthday by pledging to donate $1 to the Capital Area Food Bank for every comment left on her site that day. At the end of the day, she donated $110. I promised I'd be matching her gift and issuing my own challenge. So here's my challenge to you: ...more

When the Financial Crisis Hits, Open Your Hand Rather than Closing It

The financial crisis seems to be hitting too close to home these days. Here on my homefront, got debt we can't seem to get paid off. Each time I get the credit cards a bit lower, I find that I have to charge something else. My son's hospital stays this summer left us with additional debt. And we've got a big mortgage to boot. ...more

So beautifully written and so true. I was having this conversation with a friend, just ...more

29-Day Giving Challenge: An Interview with Cami Walker

"What I notice is that the people who are taking part in this, what is common amongst us all, is that we all count our blessings. We practice gratitude. We feel like our lives are full no matter what we have." -Cami Walker, Founder, 29 Day Giving Challenge ...more

Meaningful Birthday Parties

Imagine if there was a way to celebrate your child's birthday that opened their minds to the needs of the community.  Imagine if your child had a chance to open his/her eyes to the needs of others and used this lens to view the world around them.  Parenting is not easy, this we know.  But there are ways to make it easier. We are two mothers who believed that it was possible to give children a hands-on, realistic opportunity to celebrate their birthday and give to others at the same time. It is possible to have a great party and not consume plastic, packaging and unneeded toys. ...more

Giving to Others, Giving to Myself

I'm going to be honest with you. I'm a little burned out on do-goodness. August 19th is not only my 39th birthday, but also the 3rd birthday of when I started blogging about social change and nonprofit-y things, and I've hit a wall.  All I want to do is read cookbooks, do yoga, and spend time with my husband. ...more

I"m doing better since my post.  I have been reading fiction books, cooked two new things ...more

29-Day Giving Challenge Takeaway: Compassion is Hardest to Give

On Saturday I completed the 29-Day Giving Challenge that I posted about last month. The process felt like peeling an onion. First I gave away money, then stuff, then advice, and then my giving became more intangible. I came to realize that, at least for me, the most difficult thing to give away sometimes is compassion for individuals I encounter in every day life. ...more

Join the 29-Day Giving Challenge: Change Lives One Gift at a Time

On March 19th, 2008, after spending 8 days in the hospital related to her multiple sclerosis, Cami Walker decided to give away one thing each day for 29 days: ...more

and everyone at BlogHer for integrating making the world a better place into your business ...more

Giving Makes You Happy

A study, published in this week's Science Magazine, has found that spending money on others makes you happy. ...more

Three ways you can simply change the world for the better

Why is it that we seem to be more generous, more compassionate over the holidays? Do I just notice it more, or are we more likely to extend a hand now than at other times in the calendar? There seems to be almost a longing to help, to see to it that giving is done in the best of ways. ...more

I was really disappointed to learn that you couldn't scrape leftover liver and onions into a ...more