Kimberly Jesika says Glamour is an Inside Job. Glamour Chics are not victims!

Kimberly Jessy here reporting in live from Hollywood, Ca. As a business owner, you listen to all the woes that people go through. After all you have to touch someone's heart before you can touch their wallet. People don't care how much you know till they know how much you care.I wan't to point out something to you tho. I heard a great blogger who I like and respect named "Evia Moore" say, Common Sense is becoming more uncommon. I liked that saying, so her mission has been helping women particularly in dating get back their "common sense"....more

*Glamour in ALL Shades*

SOOOOO what’s up with this? Don’t sit up there and act like you haven’t noticed it too! I need answers…LIKE NOW!...more

A Culture War Against Conservative Women

Injecting conservative values into the cultural mainstream is a battle, especially for women’s issues in popular, female-geared media like magazines. Liberal ideology has attracted the female presidential vote—and the female magazine—for years. For most of these crusaders and publications, “women’s issues” comes down to one issue: abortion. ...more
Call it what you want... But delivering all but the baby's head, then stabbing that baby at the ...more

And the Oscar for Best Dressed goes to..Three Real Women Pick their Favorites

We love a good dress as much as we love a good party, and man were there plenty.  While I missed my beloved live from the Red Carpet, you can be sure the gals and I were glued to our phones, Tweeting and Facebooking, looking at each other puzzled, questioning, "What's going on with Reese's hair?...more

The Glamour Shrink by Amanda Horan Kennedy

The Glamour Shrink is my most recent endeavor to help women become the confident glamorous creatures I believe all women can be. My careers have been glamorous to the outside world and to some degree they are. But that is not all they were and are. They have been a lot of hard work and my effort to build my confidence by creating and doing. My favorite things to create are ways to live more beautifully and confidently. Women are not usually the most naturally confident beings. We are bombarded by advertising and the media by images of "glamorous" women who look flawless and amazing....more

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Do Hollywood's Naughty Celebs Influence Teens?

In spite of how diligently we try to guard our kids' impressionable minds, somehow the entertainment industry’s pressures gets by our best protective filters: Movies, TV, ads or simply standing next to glossy magazine covers at the grocery checkout line exposes our youth to celebrity lifestyles an...more

American Ramadan Day Six: 29 Days of Fasting, Jesus and New Year

So I wanted to blog about my trip to the grocery store but instead find myself responding to a post on Facebook about this girl, Nujood Ali, the Yemeni child bride married off at the age of 10 to a man who beat and raped her. ...more


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