Helen's Journey

This morning I woke feeling defeated. I have been struggling with Helen to wear her eye glasses for some time now. It has become a daily battle to keep them on compared to when she use to love wearing them. I have no clue what changed her mood towards her "Pretties" which is what we call her glasses. When I went to log on my Facebook this morning I noticed a story instantly popped up from the Today Show. It was a story about a mother (same age as me) who also has a son who wears glasses and patches. I was glued to her story and no longer felt alone....more

Contacts vs. Glasses: What Parents Need To Know Before Choosing

Some kids don’t see as well as others — it’s just a fact of life. However, you don’t have to assume that glasses are the only option for your child. Of course, it’s hard to decide whether your child is ready for contacts, so here are five questions you should ask....more

When Things Are Crystal Clear...

Long at last, I picked up my Cazal glasses with prescription today.  For those who know me, glasses has always been essential and part of my fashion style. However, I'm not a firm believer of wearing them every day.  I feel allowing the eyes exercise is important for strength....more

In Praise of Glasses

In February 1995, a very important discovery was made as I rode home with my mom for dinner.Trees have leaves. And you can see them. Like, from far away.I had just been outfitted with my first pair of glasses and it was love. (Yeah, the “first sight” kind. Har Har.)...more

Check this Google Glasses Project!

Google Glasses are set to ship to a select group of enthusiasts early next year, co-founder Sergey Brin said today.The glasses will be available only to Google I/O attendees who are in the United States. The geographic restriction is for regulatory reasons, Brin said. ...more

Over The Top

I just caught myself looking over the top of my glasses at someone. Not as a theatrical gesture, but just doing it....more

Spring Specs: Go Ahead, Call Me Four Eyes, I Love My Glasses!

Way back in fourth grade (no, I'm not going to do the math for you, but you can safely assume it was back in the late '80s, early '90s days of fashion), I got my first pair of eyeglasses. Now, I didn't really need them, but I was a huge bookworm and constantly reading, often with the book just inches from my nose (you know, in true nerdy style), and, more importantly, I already had a real thing for accessories....more
Your eye glasses are looking cool. I work for from <a href=" ...more

I was a confidence MACHINE this weekend!! ;)

What are some little ways you increase your confidence, even if only temporarily? ...more

Living Nicely: Is Cadmium Shrek's Kryptonite?

Poor Shrek! It appears he and his cohorts have fallen victim to cadmium. Am I making light of a serious subject? Maybe, but the media seems to be making a circus of this latest recall....more

Apparently, Corneas Are Important

I am now the proud owner of a pair of eyes that have inflamed corneas and astigmatism - whateverthehellthatis. ...more