Pretty Much The Best Photos Ever

This is my husband Rudy, around age 12: {click to enlarge} Does anyone else feel like his hat should say "vote for Pedro"? Or that maybe he was bred for his skills and magic? ...more

Unbottle the fun: Throw a plastic bottle-free party

To help BlogHer members ditch the disposable water bottle habit, I signed up to write this post about de-bottling parties. But now, I'm wondering -- Do people drink water at parties? Honestly, people don't drink much water at my parties, bottled or not. Why drink water when you can drink organic wine? For me, the eco-issue has been more about avoiding plastic cups at bigger parties, when I don't have enough glasses for everyone. Luckily, that plastic cup issue's one that applies to parties where people might drink more water! ...more

Head and eye problems

Well, it has been a week today that I started having weird dizzy spells. Don't know what is causing them but I will be going to Drs tomorrow concerning them. The first spell happened in my sleep. I rolled over and suddenly it felt like the whole earth was spinning around. Same thing has happened from time to time during waking hours. I am often light headed and sometimes when I bend over I get a dizzy spell and start to black out. ...more

Either These Glasses Or My Face Is Crooked

I got these prescription sunglasses a few weeks ago and think they may have saved my sanity. I bought them because I wear contact lenses on the weekends and glasses during the week. I wear glasses during the week because I am on a computer all day and only need them to commute. ...more

Blogging Baby's First Glasses

Remember how that baby book you swore to fill out had special pages for everything from baby's first smile to baby's first day of school? I don't know if there's a standard entry area, these days, for "baby's first glasses," but it hardly matters because who fills out a baby book anymore? ...more

I just came across this post - thanks! My daughter got glasses in December at 14 months, and ...more