Scholastic Bans Book with Lesbian Moms from Book Fairs

[Updated: 10/24, 10:40 a.m. ET: has posted an action alert about this, complete with an easy automated message you can send to Scholastic.] Most of us with young children in public school know about Scholastic Book Fairs. Many of us remember them from our own childhoods. Now comes news that Scholastic has banned a book from the fairs because one of the characters has lesbian moms.  (Thanks, Roger!)School Library Journal reports that Scholastic has refused to include Lauren Myracle’s new book Luv Ya Bunches (Abrams/Amulet, 2009), about the friendship among four elementary school girls, "because it contains offensive language and same-sex parents of one of the main characters, Milla." Myracle's books have been on the American Library Association's list of the top 10 most challenged books, cited for "offensive language, sexually explicit, and unsuited to age group."In this instance, Myracle agreed to change some of the offensive language (mild stuff like "geez," "crap," "sucks," and "oh my God"), but refused to change the character's two moms:...more

A few of us (Canadians) were discussing this on Twitter and found out that Scholastic Canada ...more

Fear of Same Sex Kissing Means No Kiss Cam for Washington Mystics

There is no love lost between me and the Kiss Cam at sporting events. You know what I am talking about, right? They show a couple on the jumbotron and then the two of them are supposed to kiss. Like that.  ...more

That's disappointing. Had I known, I would have made more of a point of finding you at the ...more

US Episcopal Church Convention affirms gay clergy/bishops and does not reject same sex unions

In the past week, the Episcopalian Church in the USA took major steps at their Convention to move forward and affirm the development of liturgical material for same sex unions, and instructed local bishops to make their own decisions as they "determine what such a generous pastoral response might mean in her or his diocesan context" re performing same sex unions. Further they stated "that God has called and may call" gay and lesbian people "to any ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church." Some History ...more

Yes, ordination is OKd by the diocese and done by the bishop...IF the bishop agrees to the ...more

Wanted: GLBT Book List MEME

I'm an avid reader. I'm a lesbian. PRIDE month and sassymonkey's day off have conspired to bring me here to blog about queer reading lists. I have stumbled upon some problems while writing this post. Let me tell you about those problems. ...more

Heh. I saw that yesterday and forgot to go and fix. Thanks for the ...more

A Word on Lesbian Hair...

The other day I was filling out yet another FaceBook questionnaire when I ran across the following question: "15. Do you like your hair?" This inspired me to begin a whole blog, because the topic is actually quite broad when asked of a lesbian who is not of the L Word variety.  Heck, for all I know, it’s a broad topic when it is asked of an L Word variety lesbian.  But I’m not one, and I’ve noticed an extreme deficiency among social commentaries from my end of the block when regarding lesbian hair. ...more

...when you wrote it. You make so many very good points!

I have a good friend who is both ...more

March in the St. Patrick's Parade -- Unless you are GLBT

It's St Patrick's Day, the day that brings delight to many Irish and non-Irish. For those celebrating, Erin Go Bragh! Hopefully, some day, the NYC and Boston St Pat's parades will be truly inclusive so that my proud Irish GLBT friends can march in them, and celebrate the gifts they bring to the world, too. So, here is a toast to the cities in which they are allowed to openly march. Sláinte! ...more

That is the oddest thing -- not all cities have been so rejecting. Same holiday. Same ...more

Kentucky Discriminates against Singles: Bill 68

I'm SEEING RED. KY has before it Senate Bill 68 that would make it so that any person who wants to adopt or foster a child while co-habitating with someone they aren't "legally married to and sexually involved with" ILLEGAL. (not that i'm co-habitating with anyone... and i'm fully hetero, but what's next? NO Singles allowed to adopt at all???) This is what it says: ...more

Equality Camp: BarCamp style unconference takes on Marriage Equality issues

EqualityCamp—held January 3rd in San Francisco--was a pilot event to bring Web 2.0 geeks who know the lessons of the Web well together with activists for marriage equality and equal rights for gays. So, if you’re straight, do you care about marriage equality? Do you want the gay and lesbian couples you know to be able to make the same civil, legal commitment to get married that straight, heterosexual couples can? Or are you afraid supporting marriage equality will lead to marrying too many same sex couples in your church, or a general decline in cultural values? ...more

*singing* na na na na na na BATWOMAN

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008, 7AM.....I lie fast asleep on the couch, smooshed beneath my canine companion, when I hear a blood curdling scream come from upstairs. Dazed and confused, the dog slowly opening one eye, looking at me like "WTF....I'm sleeping".....I shout upstairs....."Baby, what is it baby?", just to hear in response a string of new screams, through which I decipher one word being repeated over and over "BAT, BAT, there's a BAT!"....followed shortly by, "OH FUCK! ...more

Yes...happily is the word for it! :-p  Because in the end everything was okay, and it was ...more