Religion in the Workplace

Check out my Brazen Careerist debut: How to Talk About Religion When You're at Work. Here's a teaser:  ...more

Before and After

An awkward silence a dead doorbellVisionary hustler a picture of himselfClick click click and when I looked againDevine impression sucks you right inThe undraped benefit of male anatomyAlleviates suffering with a flavor of parody52, stache, a hairy chestToo vivid a thing in the fleshWhat would put stars in your eyes?Sterile pleasures I now realizeSignificant setback I'm talking to youJust beyond the backyard a dark viewTranquil the monument on his tombArtificial flowers chromatically subdued ...more

2008 Summer Of Love: Gay Marriage In California

The California Supreme Court has ruled that gay couples should have the right to marry. ...more

My love for Patti Smith, or sex, gender, androgyny and freedom

I remember, back in the day in the early 80’s, when I first saw the picture of Patti Smith on the album cover for Horses. That narrow white face, that long dark hair—and the lanky body in boy’s clothes—Patti was breaking all the rules I’d grown up with and it simultaneously thrilled and scared me half to death. ...more

I love this post, Susan. Let's just say that I'm a firm believer in being who we need to be, ...more

Israeli Politician Blames Earthquakes On God And Gays

A member of the Israeli parliament blamed a recent spate of earthquakes on gays, and what he sees as Israel's overly tolerant attitude towards homosexuality. Shlomo Benizri, a member of Ultra-orthodox Jewish Shas party, made the comments during a debate on earthquake preparedness on February 20, 2008. ...more

10 Terrific GLBTQ-centric Gifts

I didn't think I was going to join the BlogHer Holiday Guide fun by contributing a "10 great gifts" list but here I am and I'm a wee bit nervous about it. ...more

I'm buying to toaster and cheese grater and books.... and..... laughed just reading this list. ...more

J.K. Rowling Reveals Dumbledore is Gay

At an event earlier late last week at Carnegie Hall, author J.K. Rowling announced that Albus Dumbledore, Hogwart's famed headmaster in the Harry Potter series, is gay. The announcement was greeted with cheers by fans. And it quickly hit the news sites even though the last book was released this past summer. It was picked up by Newsweek and The Washington Post. The Globe and Mail called it "the biggest outing in the entertainment industry since Ellen DeGeneres". The New York Times' The Lede posted on the "Blogospheric Reaction of the Outed Wizard". ...more

Oh, I can't resist.... yes, I outed one of my characters. (Though, raised by a gay dad, I've ...more

Declaring GLBT month results in hate mail

Definition of hate mail: correspondence that expresses the sender's animosity, disapproval, or prejudice, often in offensive language (source Free Definition of discrimination: unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice (Princeton's WordNet). Take a Young Adult (YA) book site, mix it with an announcement that September is GLBT month on a teachers forum, and the result is both. ...more

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! and Ouch! I think that story makes my stomach turn even more than the one I ...more

Christian / GLBT Blog Swap

Lyndsey of Lez Keep it Real and April of Life as a Christian Woman swapped blogs today. Lyndsey's post reveals her faith as a homosexual Christian. April's post discusses whether Christians crashing gay pride events is Christ-like behavior. Both are proof that Christianity and homosexuality are not mutually exlusive and that harmony can exist if we just attempt to understand. Lyndsey's post: April's post: ...more

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