Glenn Beck: Redux - new pictures from ORTL art project

DAY 8:  Ohio Right to Life now has a collection of pictures up on YouTube of the Glenn Beck's art project I reported on last week. Go below for a closer look at Beck, his faithful chalkboard, and 2500 fawning fans . ...more

Hangin' with Glenn Beck So You Don't Have To: More Ohio Right to Life Escapades

NOTE:  A slightly different version ...more

Thoughtful Discussion & Working Together (There is more that unites us than divides us)

Dated 1/11/11 on Soapboxville I really like politics. I really do. And in a different world had I managed to go to college I’d probably have tried my hand at, at least running for city council....more

Abortion, Eugenics and Parenting

 The abortion debate rages on around us.  The ethical issues of life and death are potent enough to break families apart as members line up on either side of the great divide.  Neither side will budge.  Both sides feel they are protecting the core of human rights.And then, every once in a while, someone comes along who says something so completely atrocious that the bickering enemies find themselves tossed into the river together, struggling to find a way back to their noble shores.Glenn Beck found his way back masterfully, by pinning the opinion of ...more

On Glenn Beck: The Constitution Guarantees His Right to Assemble and Speak

With his staff’s monumental assistance, Glenn Beck has done an enormous amount of research. On modern day Americans and our antecedents. On different leaders in history, their policies and politics. He talks of honor. Of faith. ...more

I wish I understood more about the law and how it works. It's easy to see how the Constitution ...more

Field Report from the Glenn Beck Rally

On Saturday, I volunteered for the Restoring Honor rally hosted by Glenn Beck. I was greatly discouraged by the Blogher community to see this bigoted piece of vitrol in anticipation of the "insidious racism" of the rally. Rally attendees weren't even given a chance! The talking points were written long before the crowds showed up on the Mall! ...more

Ted Koppel, President Obama and Us: Writing about the Children of Celebrities and Bloggers

Ted Koppel is from my home town. I used to rent videos to him at the local video store; his daughter was my friend's baby sitter. I read about his son's death through that lens -- Ted is not a celebrity, and his son Andrew's death is not this remote story designed for the pages of People magazine. They are our neighbors, I can't imagine the grief their family is experiencing today. ...more

I would agree that there are cases where personal and public converge. But I still see a finite ...more

Glenn Beck Leaves CNN! Say It Isn't So!!

Say it isn't so!!  Glenn Fox News has announced that Glenn Beck will host the 5PM hour, beginning next spring. Beck signed a multi-year agreement to host a weekday program at 5PM as well as a weekend show on the network. ...more


 Good for him, he'll reach his base there. Not much of a journalist, more a ...more