A Framework for the Development of Climate Resilience

Established two years ago, the Climate Vulnerability Forum (CVF) is a global partnership of leaders from diverse countries that are situated in the front-line of the climate battle. The CVF was founded through a joint partnership between DARA and eleven founding countries from Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas in 2009....more

Connecting the Dots for Climate Change – Please Join Me!

I've decided that as my first act of full-time self-employment, I am going to participate in 350.org's Connect the Dots Campaign, to help bring about global awareness of climate change and its impacts....more

Climate Change: Fighting Hunger

We live in a changing world.We live in an uncertain world.We live in a HUNGRY world. Helping people help themselves. Turning Hunger into Hope. Because the future is now.To find out more: http://www.wfp.org/climate-change  ...more

Climate Action Day is coming. What will you do?

Back in the early 70's when I was a child, there were few movies scarier to me than The Wizard of Oz. Surprisingly, the made-for-TV Horton Hears a Who was one that frightened me more than that wicked green witch with her flying monkeys. Every time it came on, I'd hold my breath until the end, sure that this time the Whos would not yell loud enough to save themselves. Those in charge of their very existence would not hear them. They'd end up boiling in the pot for sure. But of course, each time, the Whos did come through. Little shirker Jo-Jo adds his voice to the chorus of Whos crying, "We're here! We're here!" and the day is saved. I could sleep easy that night, knowing that once again justice (and cold hard facts) had prevailed. As corny as it might seem, every time I think about the climate crisis the world faces today, I can't help thinking of Seuss's story and how, even with the expert testimony of the majority of scientists who have been trying to warn us of the catastrophic consequences of ignoring the evidence of climate change, many of our world's leaders are unwilling to commit to taking the steps necessary to truly reverse this warming trend in time to make a difference. Why? Because we, their constituents, are not yelling loudly enough. And what should we be yelling? According to Bill McKibben, 350!...more

I'm a cancer blogger and I've written about cancer treatment and research and the ...more

A Sustainable No-Growth Economy? Is That Possible?

So, bad news all around for the entire world’s economy despite encouraging words from President Obama last night. When we stop reeling from the overwhelming fact that our economic system just spun out of control (though it will probably come back) we’ve all got to ask ourselves the big questions: How did this happen? Did I personally contribute? Can I live my life in accordance with my values of environmental sustainability and still function in our capitalist system? Yeah, so I know that last question just sent 99% of readers ...more