From where I stand: Souhad Azennoud

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From where I stand: Florah Maswanganyi

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From where I stand: Lorraine Kakaza

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Scientists have made the first ever field observations of the Omura's whale -- the least known species of whales in the world. www.takfurthekaffe.comPhoto: Cerchio et al. 2015...more

Brandon Smith is an Asshat

The majority whip of the Kentucky legislature, a Republican by the name of Brandon Smith, recently opened his yakhole and claimed that it is the same temperature on Earth as it is on Mars.He actually said, in a snide mansplaining voice no less, that:...more
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The New Abnormal

Wanna read something really scary? Me either, but I think we should. Here is a terrifying report on 2012 and climate change that should make any right thinking person crap their pants:...more

State of the Union: Climate Change and Clean Energy

If you watched President Obama's State of the Union address last night, you heard his strongest words yet on the related issues of climate change and alternative energy. His observation, that "12 of the hottest years have all come in the last 15" makes it clear that he does not intend to skirt the issue in his final term. Still, at least one green blogger - who regularly covers environmental issues on Green4U - has some concerns, namely, fracking:...more
While it appears that the earth is getting hotter. This article looks at the data and finds a ...more

The Climate Impact of Your Groceries

It is probably surprising to many that palm oil production is responsible for contributing to global climate change by way of rainforest destruction. Our rainforests play an important role in stabilizing climate events. After Irene and Sandy hitting the Eastern U.S. we should all be looking at our everyday habits and how they relate to climate instability. See this article for more information on which food and beauty products contain palm oil and how this affects our globe.

How Your Coffee Choices Affect Global Climate and Storms Like Sandy

There is a direct link between the kind of coffee you purchase and our global climate. Extreme weather like Sandy hitting the East Coast of the U.S. is one example of how global climate change is affecting people. This article describes how your everyday choices can help or hinder climate stability.