The Truth About Charitable Gift Cards

In my post on green holiday gift giving last month, I mentioned donations to nonprofits. Giving directly to an organization that you know your giftee supports can be a great idea, but if you’re not sure in what way your recipient is philanthropically-inclined, charitable gift cards are a good alternative. The way they work is that you buy a gift card in the amount of your choice, and your giftee then visits the web site to enter the gift card number and choose which charity will get the money. But with several different gift card organizations to choose from, how do you decide which one to support? ...more
Interesting, piece you've written. I have never heard of this before. nicemore

iPads and Maxi Pads: Changing Women's Lives in Uganda

The only thing more exciting than the initial announcement of Apple’s iPad was that it was named the iPad. For millions of snarky internet users, it was the best field day since Balloon Boy.The parallel was an easy one, maybe too easy, likening the iPad to feminine hygiene products. But let’s be honest, sometimes we’re all a little juvenile on Twitter. Thus from Apple’s next great achievement begat the #iTampon trend. And it was good. Good because we all chuckled. Better because it helped raise awareness about a real “pad problem”. (Rimshot!) ...more

Your effort is noted. Viva #GetaniPadGiveSomeMaxiPads


Because no baby should have to grow up without knowing her mother

While wondering today how I would segue into writing about model Christy Turlington and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's recent campaign for maternal health, I unexpectedly came across a blog post about that very subject that stopped me in my tracks and left me in tears. The post was on Single Mom Seeking by guest blogger Matt Logelin who lost his wife and mother of their child just hours after she gave birth. ...more

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reminds me how lucky i am to survive cancer + enjoy ...more

As my daughter turns 4, I'm thankful for health care

In less than a week, my firstborn child, my baby girl Ava will turn 4. While this isn't often considered a major milestone, it is still very dear to my heart, being her mother and all. It got me thinking about how good we have it here in North America. I feel fortunate to live in a country where we have access to things such as clean water, nutritious food and medical care. ...more

 When my daughter was about 5, she got the flu. It was one of the worst cases ever. She ...more

BlogHers Act and BlogHer's matching funds: The best I ever felt about spending so much

I just spent $2,200 in the blink of an eye...easiest money I ever spent. Check out our BlogHers Act/Global Giving fundraising widget: ...more

I admit I did a doubletake, but loved seeing that number jump up yesterday. Thank you, ...more

For The Love Of Children: Help Us With The China Earthquake Effort

Every time I open the newspaper or click open a news feed these days, my heart breaks. Breaks. War, crime, natural disaster: there's always something. And in recent days in particular, with the death toll in Burma climbing while authorities there continue to stymie aid efforts, and now the earthquake in China... I can barely stand to open the newspaper or follow the news links because I know that I'm going to have to hold my breath and press my fists to my eyes to keep from crying. ...more

Bloggers Unite For Human Rights (May 15) is another opportunity to raise awareness about maternal health, Myanmar relief

On Thursday, May 15, is challenging bloggers to Unite for Human Rights by posting words, pictures and/or videos. While the words might change from country to country and are sometimes taken for granted, human rights represent one of the universally agreed upon ideas — that all people are born with basic rights and freedoms that include life, liberty, and justice. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations. ...more

Thank you all for posting the links to your Bloggers Unite posts. I added them to a post on ...more

Mother's Day + Economic Stimulus + Comment Love = 3 Occasions to Donate to Save Women's Lives

After reading Denise's BlogHer post last week that the gift of maternal health is the perfect Mother's Day gift, I thought "this really is perfect!" I blogged it and suggested that not only is it a great cause, but it is also a great consumerism/stuff-free gift, something that I feel, in our consumerism-driven society, is so important, but so ofte ...more

I thought I might get away with the blog post I made about giving my mom the gift of maternal ...more

Honor a Woman You Love with BlogHers Act

What does it take to make a difference in another woman's life? Especially if that woman is someone you've never met with problems you can't begin to imagine? In years past you would need to sift through a hundred organizations, pick one with a decent reputation, find your checkbook and send your dollars via the U.S. postal service. Six weeks later you would receive a three page typed letter in the regular mail telling you how you made a difference. With the bar set that high, too few people gave and too many women continued to suffer. ...more

BlogHers get creative with donation ideas for Global Giving. There's still time to act and save women's lives.

It's been just over two weeks since Lisa Stone announced that BlogHers Act was teaming up with Global Giving to make a difference on the issue of maternal health and asked, "How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, between now and Mother's Day?" ...more

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