Is motivation bound to culture?

Reinforcing awareness to the dangers of stereotyping has become second nature to me. As you will notice, despite my beliefs, there is a question that I am burning to ask. Does our cultural background mark our motivation in a particular manner? I occasionally wonder if there our cultural background marks our motivation and ask myself questions about what is the relation between motivation and culture. ...more

The Loudest Duck

Have you ever wondered why: • So few women run companies around the world• Even fewer American companies are run by Japanese men• There are more tall male leaders than short male leaders• Pakistani leadership is filled with cricket fans but not racquetball players Chances are it has nothing to do with outright bias or intentional discrimination. So what happens? ...more

Chronical of events behind the money crisis- our economic storms were forecasted.

For a chronical  of events behind the financial storms of our times, explore the lost worlds in the globalist free trade Flat World at or search under tapsearch, tapart news, tapsearcher for many more sites and references. It is based on the real world from the streets of USA and contains data not found anywhere else.   See also a review of The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman at  It is a "corker". ...more

The Little Tugboat That Could - ( Drive the American Dream )

Here is an historic happening that is not receiving enough publicity in the news channels. It is relates to restoring the American Dream and local value added economies.  It is a perfect example of thinking global but acting local. ...more

Explore workers and labor as the stepchildren of philosophy and religion - and is life worth ...more

40 Years Later, Dr. King Still Asks Us: Where Do We Go From Here?

Today's blog post started in anger. I had been seething in recent days over Pat Buchanan's factually-distorted, ahistorical diatribe in response to Barack Obama's speech on race. It wasn't merely Buchanan's snide contention that: [N]o people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. ...more

I am glad that you are here, and I am sure that the world is glad for your ...more

The Highly Unscientific 2007 BlogHer Business News In Review

On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 13450.44 --that's a 1107.44 jump over the same time last year. Somebody must be happy. Ha! That could be the first --or definitely one of the very few-- reports on the comings and goings of the Dow Jones on the pages of BlogHer Business, Career & Personal Finance. ...more