Gloria Allred, Nick Lachey and Butterfly, Oh My!

We are on a high and it's not the kind of high we fear for our children. Terry and I have just wrapped up our trip to Los Angeles where we continued our commitment to delivering inspiring and empowering mom mentor videos. Our interviews took us to Gloria Allred's office where she revealed that she felt as if she were in the midst of a Tsunami as the Tiger Woods case reached its climax (no pun intended)....more

Gloria Allred was with me on December 4th at 12:30pm

When my business partner and I received an email from Gloria this past Friday stating that she was suddenly free for our video interview, we were shocked and thrilled. We knew she was in the midst of the Tiger Woods case and as such, we were originally set to visit her Malibu home on Saturday. We later learned that she cancelled her press conference that, according to her daughter Lisa, was most likely due to a settlement from the parties at hand....more

Shame on you, Ms. Gibson!

Jessica Gibson, ex-nanny for Rob Lowe, claims that he "sexually abused" her during her 7-year employment with him. Sighhhhh.....I am getting really tired of these nanny/employer "affair/sexual abuse" stories. I mean, it's getting as ...more