A vision, a goal, and some mustard: Women’s leadership @ ASU

Somebody once gave me a greeting card that read, "Just when you think you are done, you are really just beginning." That is certainly my story with Take The Lead which I co-founded with my wonderful partner-in-good Amy Litzenberger. So when the question came up about how I came to be teaching this online certificate course, ...more

Gloria Feldt's New Organization For Women + More!

Gloria Feldt of Heartfeldt has started a new organization called Take The Lead to prepare, develop, inspire, and propel women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions by 2025. Gloria is offering a free webinar on June 18th. ...more

My Gathering of Women

I have a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt on my home office wall that my sister gave me. Eleanor peers down at me through her glasses and inside the frame I’ve attached the Eleanor quote: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”I am surrounded by women. I have postcard images of Toni Morrison, Amelia Earhart and Katharine Hepburn being Rosie in The African Queen. I have a Frieda Kahlo light switch. A souvenir Hillary for President bumper sticker....more

(VIDEOS) The Pence Amendment and Planned Parenthood: Do More Than Sign a Petition

You might feel outnumbered (though you are actually in the majority), or that you don’t have the money or mainstream media access to be effective. So you must use what you've got, and believe me when I tell you that the resources you need are always there if you can see them and have the courage to use them. ...more
@NewWomanOrder "New Woman Order" really? I mean its a clever take on the NWO but. is that what ...more

Gloria Feldt on Women, Careers and the Power We Possess To Benefit Both

Recently, Brazen Careerist founder, Penelope Trunk, wrote a blog post that unleashed a torrent of diverse and sharply divided opinions about women's career pursuits in comparison with men's in the tech start-up world. After just over two weeks, the post has nearly 500 comments -- and they run the gamut. It a fascinating, infuriating and enlightening thread. But is it empowering? For that, we turn to a New York Times column by Gloria Feldt, "Where Is the Female Steve Jobs?" ...more

Thanks for sharing this aspect, Celina - I agree with you. Visibility and the use of social ...more

Time to Change How We Think About Power

Check out this piece I just wrote for More.com on why it's time for women to change how we think about power. I want women to reach parity while I’m still alive to see it. But at the rate we’re going, that will take 70 years....more

Feminism and Balance: Nobody Loves You Better Because You Used Yourself Up for Them

I was sitting in the audience at the Starr Community Conversation in Kansas City on Tuesday night when Gloria Feldt* said, "Nobody loves you better because you have used yourself up for them."  Kind of makes a record scratch, doesn't it? ...more

When people ask for time, it's always for time to say no. Yes has one more letter in it, but ...more

Dylan Ratigan's Women's Time

I was feeling better about my neck. I went to a physical therapist about the neck pain I’d been experiencing. So a few days ago, I was distracting myself by watching Dylan Ratigan’s “Morning Meeting” on MSNBC while I practiced the boring exercise regimen Melissa, my therapist, prescribed. Ten reps three times for each exercise holding light hand weights as I hang over the bed. ...more