Votes for Women!

A couple of days ago it was Gloria Steinem’s birthday. She turned 80 and there was much blogging about it. I, being a rebel, decided to wait a couple of days before throwing in my two cents.Gloria Steinem was born on March 25, 1934. Women had only had the right to vote for 14 years when she entered the world. There was STILL a shitload of stuff women weren’t allowed to do because they lacked a penis. Gloria noticed this as she grew up, and she didn’t like it. Not one little bit....more
Oh lady, I hear you.  I can't believe this is even a f*cking possibility.  It's like the world ...more

Why Gloria Steinem Supports Immigration Reform and You Should, Too

For many of us, the burdens of immigrants are, well, other people's problems. We can commiserate but, at the end of the day, we’ve got jobs and families and a real life with enough problems of our own, right? Wrong....more

Gloria Steinem on Marilyn Monroe

Other iconic celebrities have died — Elvis, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, but none seem to have the enduring power of Marilyn Monroe. In 1986's Marilyn feminist Gloria Steinem presents her take on the iconic star, in a series of essays, aided by the beautiful photographs by George Barris, taken in a few sessions over the last two months of her life. ...more
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Are You Gloria Steinem at Heart?

Recently, two dear friends from All Souls Church surprised me with a ticket to see Gloria Steinem at the the 92nd Street Y last night. I am grateful to have friends who listen so carefully to my interests....more

Thank you Glora Steinem For nearly an hour, Gloria Steinem spoke with my students.  You would not know that she probably had a million other things to do, including a book to finish, or a Lifetime Achievement Award to receive that night from Glamour. She was poised, confident, and as one colleague put it, completely unapologetic for her views, beliefs and honest responses. In other words, she was simply Gloria....more

I Believe in... Gloria Steinem

I was determined that Gloria Steinem would speak to my high school women's studies class. Thankfully, she has proven to be willing. Now, my students will have the opportunity to learn from and question a woman who has had such a profound impact on our history and our world. I can't wait for November 7th....more

My Shoes

I look down at my shoes they look smelly, battered and worn. They have run errands, made trips to the park, traveled far and wide. They are not pretty but they are sturdy. The enable me to run, chase after the kids, and catch the dog. It's my shoes that make me who I am and what I hope to be... We trudge along paths, wide open roads, some of us with dreams without limits and other finding solace in the quiet of a book. If the shoe makes the man what does it say about me? I prefer the road less traveled and the adventures of life. ...more
@SylverBlaque I caught the end of it and was mad at myself for forgetting about it! She is an ...more

Gloria Steinem for Miss Representation: What's New Is Old

Last night HBO premiered a new documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words, on the life of visionary feminist leader Gloria Steinem. To celebrate the film and Gloria herself, we thought we'd share this clip from the set of Miss Representation....more

What Would Gloria Steinem Wear to a Writers' Retreat?

I wrote my packing list for my two-week writers' residency a month before I was set to leave. The residency at Hedgebrook is only for women and since I am a mother of two boys, I was somewhat unnaturally excited about being around all that female energy for a change. I was going to Hedgebrook with the express purpose of finishing the chapter outline for my new memoir, but it was time alone and with the other women that occupied all of my thoughts. ...more

Lady Gaga: Feminism Via Genitalia Footwear?

Is it possible that Gaga, who has been known to opine on such socially-charged issues as gays in the military and the unjust harshness of current immigration laws, was championing women’s causes by wearing the ultimate in feminist footwear?...more