Gloria Steinem: It's Not a Man's World or a Woman's Nation

We at WVFC have been excited about Maria Shriver's A Woman's Nation project, which is being highlighted this weeek on NBC-TV. (At the bottom of the post, see Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm talk to Shriver on the Today Show.) Look here tomorrow for word from our own Diane Vacca, evaluating the new report issued this week by Shriver and her team....more

Women Connecting Across the Generational Divide: from Gloria Steinem to Courtney Martin

Consider these four women: Helen Thomas  -- 89 years old, a first-wave feminist who broke into the mens' club that was the Washington DC press corps, and has since covered every President since JFK. ...more

Look to your heroes for inspiration

Throughout our lives, we are often asked, “who are your heroes”. And many of us have a running list in our head, but we don’t take the time to stop and think about why we admire them. Is it their determination, their attitude, their kind heart? There are thousands of reasons to admire your heroes. It is important to take time to note these characteristics because the qualities we admire in our heroes are often qualities that we aspire to. ...more

Jean- Thanks for sharing. I found your blog and loved it. Thats so great that you share so ...more

Chevrolet Supports the Maria Shriver WeEmpower Women's Conference

An estimated 14,000 women gathered at the nonprofit, nonpartisan conference held in the Long Beach Arena in Southern California yesterday. The event, which began 22 years ago as a government initiative for female small business owners and working professionals, has grown into the largest woman's forum of its kind in the United States. ...more

why everyone should have dates with themselves

i have a confession. i’m a fair weather feminist. i like to pretend that the term third wave actually means that i can interpret feminism however i want to. that i can forgo independence, reproductive choice and egalitarian relationships when a certain mood strikes me. and that certain mood is loneliness. or rather, a fear of loneliness. ...more

Steinem's Opinion Identical to Stanton's in 1865

Not much as changed since 1865 with regard to what pundits are labeling "gender backlash" today. 46% of white women voted for Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) in the New Hampshire primary, fueling her surge over Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). ...more

I genuinely appreciate the links each commenter has offered, and I intend to read each carefully ...more

Dear Gloria Steinem: Ain't I a woman, too?

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Nice piece. Gloria Steinem's old school feminism lost relevance long ago for just this type of ...more