Navigating Celebrations & Special Occasions Gluten-Free

When you first find out that you have serious diet restrictions due to celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or other health issues that involve eliminating gluten from your diet, the thought of eating out at social events might send you into a tailspin. The first thing to do is to acknowledge that you have choices. Everybody wants to feel like they are in control. Acknowledging these choices will empower you. ...more

I can't have dairy, and have to be so careful about everything that I spend more time readng ...more

How do you eat out, gluten-free?

My husband was diagnosed with celiac disease two years ago. This means that he can't eat any food with gluten in it, which means any food containing wheat, oats, rye, malt, "spelt," or barley. We've lost count of the products that are off limits to him -- everything from bread and noodles (the obvious) to mixed drinks (no whiskey) to Chinese fried rice (no soy sauce). We've found through experience that even hospital dietary departments don't know what gluten is. ...more

Having wheat allergies myself, I stick to salads and baked potatoes when out.  I still love ...more

Collecting Gluten Free Tips

I'm really pleased to have joined blogher, I never knew you could blog here. I have just started a gluten free tips site and needed to be able to blog also as it didn't have that capability ... so I am here. If any of you have any good tips for avoiding gluten I would welcome a comment. I have a daughter who has had celiac disease since 18 months and I am on a mission to collect as many tips as I can for living gluten free and to publish these for celiacs everywhere. ...more

A friend of mine has celiac disease. She manages very well. There are tons of websites with ...more

Celiac Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be the most depressing holiday for a celiac. It's a whole day that centers around food. And no one wants to feel left out of the festivities. Part of being a celiac isn't just the food, it's the psychology of standing out in a crowd or having to worry about every bite. I've found that I hate standing out with the "special meal." I want to fit in and eat the same food as everyone else. ...more

Autism Spectrum: So many questions…looking for the answers

Towards the middle of my undergraduate career, I began to become increasingly aware of autism and the challenge presented to countless children and families to unlock the mystery behind the diagnosis. I recall reading Barry Kaufman’s Son-Rise. As I remember, the book spoke from a perspective of integrating one’s self into the world of the child with autism and slowly drawing him or her into the greater world over time. ...more