31 Halloween Tricks & Treats!

Here are 31 Halloween Tricks and Treats that work well for children who have a food allergy or peanut allergy but also for kids with any special dietary needs or for moms who just want their kids to eat a little less candy. The most popular seems to be #8 the "bait and switch" It wont work for all ages but may work for you! http://www.allergymoms.com/uploads/newsletters/halloweentipstreats.html Take care, Gina www.AllergyMoms.com ...more

White Flour – The Glue for the Gut

Have you ever thought of it before quite like that? Most of us have not but think about what we did as children, we would take flour and water and make paste. In today’s world, so much food is made from these two basic components. It is in breakfast food, snacks, pasta, bread, cereal and the list just continues. Why do so many manufactures prefer bleached white flour to any other flour? ...more

Cindalou's Kitchen Blues

Cindalou's Kitchen All recipes on this site are gluten free. Most of the recipes are dairy free as well (parve is also noted). Any recipes which do contain dairy often have non-dairy alternatives since I am lactose and casein intolerant myself. I do not use any non-Kosher meats (shellfish or pork). Feel free to safely experiment with all the recipes without having to worry about hidden gluten or dairy! Horrah! This blog is my response the the exhausting question every celiac gets: "No what? Gluten? What's gluten? ...more

What Do You Do With Half an Egg?

I hate to throw away food. And somehow throwing away the egg yolk that I didn't use in this morning's breakfast seems worse than throwing out week old leftovers. It's not even ...more