Gluten-Free Pies for Thanksgiving

Given the incredible crust-flake-producing properties of vegetable shortening and the amazing pie-structuring properties of silken tofu, veggie or vegan pie is no more challenging to make than traditional pie. But gluten-free pie is another story. ...more

Hi Julie,

Belated, but thanks so much for all the kind mentions in this post! Yes, some of us ...more

The Week in Pie-a-Day: What I've Learned

Two weeks into NaBloPieMo, and I owe you a running tally of pies and pie lessons. I'm still making a pie a day, but often not blogging about my (sometimes messy) creations, so here's My Week in Pie and what I've learned so far. ...more

Chicken pot pie is a classic and so good at this time of year. Go for it!!