Crazy Good Gluten Free Pizza

So my daughter who runs 10 miles daily just for fun also happens to be a gourmet chef.  We are really enjoying her visit home from Austria, where she is attending a university very near to Vienna. The other day she just threw together some things (her own words) to make up a gluten free pizza.  It was the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had!  I’m not gluten-free so assumed it would taste bad…but I was wrong....more

Almond Slaw

Hey y'all! How is everyone? Two days until Friday and I can't wait.This week has been so long and crazy at work ... I'm looking forward to the weekend.Last Wednesday I promised y'all my recipe for almond slaw.Sorry for the delay, but here it is:Almond Slawprep time: 5 minutescook time: 0 minutesserving size: 1Ingredients1 cup slaw {either pre-packaged or make your own}1 tsp almond butter1 tsp olive oil...more

Sausage-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Here is a simple recipe for stuffed portobello mushrooms that I made last night. You can use any kind of sausage you prefer. Hillshire Farms has a wonderful line of gluten free sausages. However, their sausage does contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) preservative and soy; just in case any of you have a sensitivity to either. If you are trying to watch you fat intake then nix the bacon. I love bacon! My motto is EVERYTHING tastes better with bacon. Like Guy Fieri... I'm a P.O.P....more