Jeweled Brussels Sprouts.

I remember the first time I set out to cook Brussels sprouts. It was a handful of years ago when I was still living in Connecticut in my somewhat run-down but hugely spacious third-floor walk-up apartment — the one that I wouldn’t come to appreciate until I moved into my first Boston studio....more

Harvest Chicken Salad.

Grilled Steak Burgers Steak Burgers ...more

Rice Cereal Treats of you don't need a recipe to make Rice Cereal Treats, but I am posting this as a reminder of how allergy friendly these treats can be.  They are egg-free and can easily be made dairy-free and/or gluten-free!  With the start of school in a few weeks, it is nice to have a quick easy treat that can be shared with school friends.  It seems that even if your child doesn't have food allergies, they have a friend (or two) that does. ...more

Chicken Carbonara


I'm often asked if I really go home, after a day in a restaurant kitchen, and make dinner in my own.  Even when the implication is amended to, after a day in July in a restaurant kitchen, when I swear I could bake a cake in the car driving home, the answer remains: yes.  ...more

I quit shampoo.

It’s about time that I shared with all of you another little secret of mine. Are you ready for it? The secret is this: I haven’t used shampoo since February. That’s right. The last time I shampooed my hair there was snow on the ground....more

Easy Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken ...more

Homemade Ice Cream in a Baggie