First Female CEO of GM: Trend or Anomaly?

Starting at GM as a teenaged intern and rising to global product development chief, Mary Barra, now 51, has been made the company's first female CEO.  According to the LA Times, she is now the country's most powerful ...more

Alternative Energy for Cars: Electric Cars and Cap And Trade Taxes

In February 2011 blogger John Addison noted that the sales of electric cars soared in the face of Middle East instability and rising oil prices. He quoted Charles Maxwell, the oil industry analyst as predicting that regardless of the politics of the Middle East oil will reach $300 per barrel by 2020, a 300% increase....more

GM Hy Wire: The Car of the Future!

When Cece saw this video, she was quite excited! It looks like the future is still a long ways off, but to see this prototype gives her hope. This is the GM Hy-Wire and is a fully electrical car that re-charges itself with an on board power station. There are no batteries. The power station is said to be so strong that you could run your house or even part of your neighborhood off it!  ...more Cece-one of The Two Whos

AskPatty Top 10 Automotive News Stories in 2009

We all love a good Top 10 List so for New Year's Eve I wanted to highlight and reminisce on the top automotive stories of 2009. It was a brutal year for the auto industry however there are signs of recovery and hope that 2010 brings in a more prosperous year for car makers and the automotive sector in general....more

Penske Backs Out; General Motors to Stop Saturn's Orbit

In a shocking last-minute decision made just a day before contracts were to be finalized, the Penske Automotive Group has announced that it has ended its discussions with General Motors to acquire the Saturn automobile brand. This very disappointing news comes after months of efforts by hundreds of dedicated employees and Saturn retailers who tried to make a new Penske-run Saturn a reality....more

I have a saturn vue that I absolutely love!  It is a very sad day for me.  The only ...more

Revving up for the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise: August 15th, 2009

Each year on the third Saturday in August, more than a million people and as many as 40,000 muscle cars, street rods, custom, collector, and special interest vehicles idle their way along a 16-mile stretch of Woodward Avenue  in a tribute t ...more

We're Rollin'

Today's the today! We are finally piling in the Traverse and headed north to BlogHer '09!  I can't believe it's alrealy here. We had a fabulous Bon Voyage party last night and will post some pics from the party and the first part of our BlogRollers' BlogHer or Bust Road Trip later today. We're Rollin' ... Winks & Smiles, Wifey ...more

One Day Away

It's here! The fabulous new Chevy Traverse that we (The BlogRollers and our special guests My Brown Baby and Baby Making Machine) will be rollin' in when we start our "BlogHer or Bust" Road Trip tomorrow. ...more

The BlogRollers' "BlogHer or Bust" Bon Voyage Party

Next Wednesday The BlogRollers (Christie from My Life ... ...more

Addressing Post-Bankruptcy Car Warranty Worries

Many drivers of Chrysler and General Motors vehicles may be wondering about their recourse if they require warranty work, or if their car exhibits defects that may qualify it as a "lemon." There's plenty of good news here, but also some bad. ...more


The best time to buy any car is the last few days of the month at dealerships when ...more