General Motors announces bankruptcy, promising a new and better future

It was not much of a surprise yesterday when General Motors revealed the details of its bankruptcy plans; many in the automotive industry were wondering WHEN, not IF, GM would have to resort to such drastic measures. According to "GM's bankruptcy filing is the fourth-largest in U.S. ...more

General Motors and Segway create the PUMA to Reinvent Urban Mobility

On the eve of New York Auto Show Media Days, General Motors and Segway have stolen the show with their debut of a new type of vehicle that could change the way we move around in cities. ...more

For the east coast I can see this as a winner.

It would depended on the millage to see if it ...more

Did Populism and the UAW Take Down the GM CEO?

Earlier this week our president did the unthinkable: he waded into the private sector and "fired" the CEO of General Motors as a condition for federal aid. This is a dangerous course of action. So dangerous, in fact, that frenemy Vladimir Putin warned against such an economic recourse back at Davos. ...more

Considering that Obama drove a Chrysler 300 around the ...more

Obama says "Jump!" Automakers say "How High?"

President Obama's announcement on the Auto Industry may have helped clear up some concerns (most notably with tax credits and warranties), but it still has automakers scrambling for additional drastic change. ...more

Stephanie Fierman On The Influence Of Optics

“Optics,” in Wall Street parlance, means how something looks or appears on its face (without a lot of detail). It’s so appropriate that the phrase comes from the investment community - because said community really stinks at it! I submit to you the following: ...more


No, I don't think I'm hard of hearing. But a lot of what I'm hearing is hard to believe. Hence I've been saying, "What????" far too often. The housing, insurance and banking industries need bailing out because they were forced to grant loans to people who didn't qualify for expensive homes. WHAT? If anybody was forced it was greed that forced them to do what common sense had to be telling them was a stupid thing to do. ...more

Good News for GM, Ford and Chrysler - Dems Agree to Auto Industry Bail-Out

I have spent hours and hours Thursday and Friday night watching the Senate and Congressional Auto Industry Bail Out hearings and it looks like good news for the Auto Industry: After weeks of tense discussions with the heads of the U.S. auto industry, Democratic Congressional leaders have reached an agreement that may just clear the way for the Big Three to get the money they need to survive for now. ...more

Struggles with Auto Industry Bailout Dampen Los Angeles Auto Show

When leaders of the Automotive Big Three left Washington empty handed Wednesday night, it became clear that the industry's immediate future may now lie with the Bush administration, which has staunchly opposed using the Treasury Department's $700 billion financial bailout program to aid Detroit. ...more

So many untruths circulating about UAW wages and benefits, GM, Ford and Chrysler - If people ...more

American Dream

What is your definition of the "American Dream"? I saw a lottery winner on tv the other day and he said "Now I can start living the American Dream." Is the American Dream just to have a lot of money? Is it to have a big house and lots of cars and not working and just having things? Is Paris Hilton living the American Dream? ...more

 "I find it interesting that people want strings put on the automakers that have yet to ...more