So Sioux Me's Family Vacation

GM is giving my family a Hybrid Tahoe to drive across the country to BlogHer. Woo Hoo! We'll actually drive it to Salt Lake City because we already bought plane tickets to San Francisco from there. Itinerary & Pit Stops ...more

Green, Green is Green They Say in Detroit during NAIAS

My week started out at the GM OnStar Radio Station with a rather heated debate on live radio with Cliff Banks of Wards Dealer Business, host Harry Douglas of Car Concerns, Peter Oppewall of, a very informative site about alternatives in transportation, and myself about whether car buyers really want green cars or are we being forced into greener more eco-friendly choices by our government, 35 MPH cafe standards and auto makers or do car buyers really care more about fuel economy, less dependence on petroleum based fuels or protecting the environment, how about you??? ...more

U.S. News and World Report Ranks 2008 Car Models

Thought I would share this breaking news report by U.S. News and World Report, ranking the new 2008 car models at or coming in soon to dealer showroom floors near you !! Some I agree and some of the best are missing.....your comments would be appreciated! ...more