The Word on GMO's

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GMO’s Will Never Feed the World, But Here’s Something That Will

One of the biggest lies we’ve been told about genetically modified organisms is that they’re the only solution to feed the ever growing world population. We all know this is a problem, one of the biggest our humanity has ever faced, so we gobble up any solution brought forth....more
Sarah Schultz I'm showing you the science with various links to clinical trials and independent ...more

The Evidence May Show That GMOs Are Safe But I Still Avoid Them

My family avoids eating GMOs.  I can't say we NEVER eat them. We had GMO corn taco shells this week and cookies from a local bakery that almost certainly uses conventional ingredients. A recent trip to a nearby burger joint was what our family refers to as a "crap fest." It was delicious! Healthy? Well... uh... it was delicious....more
Well done, Lazy Hippie Mama.  You're hardly lazy.  I agree with you about GMO food labeling. ...more

Food Was An Addiction

When a mom in my support group (for what, I'll detail in a moment) wrote that she was chronically exhausted and didn't know how the rest of us get through our day and that "even five Red Bulls" couldn't help her keep up, I knew I had to take time to share my path with her with the hope that I might be able to reach her....more

Gentically Modified Organisms Part Two

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Gentically Modified Organisms

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Are You Casting Your Vote for Crap Food?

I recently watched Food Inc and I think it was a great film, despite the fact that I didn’t learn much from it. If you’re reading this post, you’re likely the kind of person who may not learn much from Food Inc either. That’s because we already know how bad processed foods are. We just choose not to think about it. Because we don’t have time. Yet here you are reading this. Go figure....more
@Julie Heinrich Thanks Julie. It's amazing how much my kids' palates have changed too since I've ...more

Open Letter to President Obama With Deep Disappointment

Dear President Obama, ...more

Genetically Modified Corn

What are your thoughts on genetically modified corn?  I don’t really have an opinion, as I know very little about it; however I am interested in learning more.  I love popcorn and pretty much everything else that comes from corn: cornbread, corn pasta, corn chips, etc. I recently bought a 2 lbs. bag of organic corn from the farm in Pennsylvania where I order my produce, fish and a other pantry items.  The corn is 100% naturally grown from the farm’s family friend in Indiana….it is not genetically modified. ...more