Energy Saving Ideas for your home

Easy Energy Saving Ideas for Your Home!Are you already dreading those winter utility bills?...more

Why I'm Ditching Dryer Sheets

Woolzie Dryer Ball Review & Giveaway As you know, I have been sharing some Baby Steps to Healthy and Frugal Living that we have been having sweet success with lately.  By taking these small steps to a road of healthier living we won't get overwhelmed and STOP trying, right?! ...more

Washington, D.C. Woman Shifts $1,029 of Her Household Budget to Go Green

It's one thing to say you want to be "eco friendly." It's quite another to put your money where your mouth is and spend real dollars on greener products and services, especially in these days of tight budgets and an uncertain economy....more

Super Easy and Super Green BlogHer 10 Conference Guide for the iPad or iPhone

Thinking green today and just loaded a paperless version of the BlogHer 10 Conference Guide on my iPad and iPhone. Of course, you can look at the Conference Guide via the BlogHer website, but that can take extra minutes to download file.To skip the download each time I want to view the conference guide, I used my PDF Reader Pro app on my iPad and also the version for my iPhone to view the guide. Using this app, I don't need WiFi or 3G each time I view the guide.HOW:To transfer the Conference Guide PDF to a smart phone or iPad:...more

Wow! What a useful post. Just uploaded the conference guide to my iTouch. Your steop by step ...more

No title, really.

Everyone says I'm in my head too much--- that I'm always thinking, I'm too deep, that I need not to look so hard for the hidden meaning in everything. I wonder if people ever said that to Einstein? "Listen Al... I'm not sayin' it ain't a cool idea and everything, but GEEZ man... let it go, already... all you do is think, think, think... "   I've had all these big questions rolling around in my head lately. Like, I wonder if Christians, well, anyone really, but Christians because of what they believe about the end of the world and everything......more

Ways to Go Green

Need a way to stay-at-home, yet make money???? I can show you how!

How Safe Is Your Metal Water Bottle?

Reusable water bottles are a green option. You probably feel good about using them. However, all plastic bottles are not equal. Some plastics contain BPA (bisphenol-A) and could pose a health risk. Thanks to consumers who demanded healthier baby bottles and water bottles, many plastic bottles are now BPA free. ...more

A Hardy and Fragrant Groundcover

I live in a high desert region. Last year I decided to go green and add groundcover plants that do not need to be watered as often. Thyme plants thrive in sunny locations. I love the fact they rarely need water or fertilizing. ...more