Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Your Target Goals

With everything that happen around us, it is sometimes difficult to reach our goals. The truth is that very few people do stick to their annual goals. Statistics shows that less than 10% of people achieve their goals. What does this mean? This means that a whopping 9 out of 10 of us do not achieve their current goals. Well, you may always try to keep a track record, working it every year, naively believing this year will be different....more

On the path to a goal

Pursuit: tackling with enthusiasm the gradual, uphill climb clear of vision, destination, desires energy expended bringing joyful successes earning, receiving, deserving Plateau: taking shortcuts through the same old, same old clouded with fear, risk-aversion, hesitation to commit limited effort producing mediocre results slacking, lacking, disappointing Possibilities: rekindling the fire of inspiration and energy confident in hope, purpose, willingness to strive renewed dedication begetting celebrated triumphs ...more

A Feminine Way To Manifest Your Dreams – Part 1

Like any good doctor, I was indoctrinated early on in the masculine way to operate, not just in the operating room, but in the world. The Rules  Push. Strive. Put your ass in the chair until it’s done. Make it happen. Go for it. Chase it. Will it. Put your nose to the grindstone. No pain, no gain. Grasp. Clutch. Cling to it if it feels like it’s slipping away. If it’s not going well, try harder. Succeed. Win. Triumph. ...more
Hi Lissa, thank you for writing this article. You've given me a new way of looking at the ...more

Focusing on The Purpose

So I've been thinking about this challenge. As I go through the days of this challenge, I want to stay focused and remember what I believe to be the four points that provide the overarching purpose of blogging. I purpose to engage in one or more of the following with each post:InformEducateInspireEntertain(I also plan to be more timely working on that!)A Swirl GirlTraveling through The Swirl World!...more

Discipline Is Remembering What You Want

I believe that most people have an end goal of wanting an amicable divorce. Not just to keep the divorce cost down, but also to maintain a healthy relationship for the benefit of their children. What can occur is one, or both sides, of the party starting to get focused on the differences that they encounter and they begin to lose focus of their primary goal. Sadly, this is when all hell breaks loose and it becomes a downhill emotional battle....more

Are you a World Changer?

I attended a conference recently and the speaker explained how each of us is created for a special task.  Just as we have our own unique fingerprint, we are called to leave our own unique print on the world and mankind.  Over a year ago I wrestled with the Lord throughout the night unable to sleep at all with His constant admonition, “Heather, you are a World Changer.”  Being a World Changer sounded like such a huge and daunting feat.  I was so intimidated.  I begged the Lord to choose someone else.  Since that time, my understanding has changed and the call is...more

Resolutions Revisited Hello, my lovelies, and a happy mid-March greeting to you! Why so perky, you ask? Other than the fact that this week has seen a streak of mid-60s and warmer temps, sunny days, longer evenings, and the rechristening of several of my pairs of flip-flops (my poor, swollen feet are grateful!)?...more

Promises, Promises So, New Year's is a little different for me this year. I am 4-months pregnant, so while I excitedly see "everyone" sharing their New Year's resolutions, I feel a little outside of it all. There won't be any intense workout programs to nutritional programs aimed to get me back into my skinny jeans by the end of the month....more

Starting a new business is like getting a new pet

The question is, how much time are you willing to spend, and how well do you want your pet to perform?About eight years ago I purchased a cockatiel I named Charlie. I had never had a bird before.I didn’t tell my husband I was buying him; I figured he would probably tell me I was crazy (we had three cats at the time — that’s a different story). My brother in law told me I should name the bird “Lunch”, very funny, my brother in law.I’ll draw some conclusions here....more