Back to School, Back to You

My kids are already in their 2nd week of the school year!  I know, my Northern friends, we folks in Georgia start early!  Please note that we do end our school year earlier than most.  My kids are usually out of school before Memorial Day.  Not sure why our nation has to shift our school year based on the region of the country we live in.  It just is what it is....more

E-Course: Goal Setting to Live Your Dreams

  I'm SUPER EXCITED to present my very first e-course and it's FREE!!We all have dreams.Some of our dreams are little, some of our dreams are big but we all have them....more

30 Day Challenge: Wake Up Earlier

 Hello August! Can’t believe the summer is winding down already…it flew by! I’ve decided that instead of trying to accomplish several different goals, I will put all of my focus into achieving one goal/changing one habit each month....more

5 Steps You Can Take to Become a Goaldigger

I didn’t know anything about goal setting until I was well into my 30s. ...more
I'm in my early 30's and goal setting is still something I'm getting used to-mother is now my ...more

29 - The Year of Crushing Goals

It’s hard to believe that I’ve entered the last year of my twenties. I have to constantly remind myself that I am an adult. And I have been adult for several years. There are times when I still feel like I just turned 21, and I don’t have a worry in the world, but in reality, I’m in my late-twenties, with bills to pay, a wedding to plan and a full-time career.29 is shaping up to be a pretty big year with our upcoming wedding and our goal to purchase a home of our own. We have a lot to look forward too....more

January 2014 | A Look Back

Each month I'll be doing a look back at what we're loving, highlighting some events and definitely checking in on my goals. Here's a look back at January....more

My 2014 Crafty Goals

March Goals | 2015

Today's blogpost features all the different goals I have made for myself for March! These include blogging goals, YouTube channel goals and my life goals.Check it out here! ...more

Here's to actually achieving goals in 2015

 On New Year's day, I read a short article about how of the people...more

Dream Big This Year

When you get to the end of the year and start making goals for the next year, do you wonder if you are dreaming too big?Do your dreams and goals seem unattainable? Impossible?Can I encourage you this year to dream big? But dream big with God next year....more