Day 30 NaBloPoMo: Finished! On to other projects!

I did it!  I posted every single day in November.   I may have had 2 or 3 late 2:00 am posts so by the clock it looked like I posted twice in one day, but I made sure I posted before I went to bed.  There were two days where I forgot to cross-post onto BlogHer, but still I got my butt in the chair and posted every single day.  Even though I may not have won-won, I will do it again with stricter criteria.  To where:...more

Day 28 NaBloPoMo; Motivation 3rd post of 3 part series.

Go for it!  Like I said motivation is fleeting, capture it when you can. Just remember to keep things balanced.  Shower, cook and eat your meals, get enough sleep, and spend time with loved ones.  This is where the work in my non-motivational skills hit home.  If I went to bed which can halt my motivation I can keep up the task even though my motivation waned.  ...more

Day 2 NaBloPoMo; Quitting Smoking, Direct Issues and Indirect Issues

Most of my work with the False Quit Dates was to activate triggers and deal with them while I continued to smoke.  I captured the triggers, or issues, and dissected them into the most basic concept ... I pondered them.  Triggers are issues related to smoking that makes a person fail to quit.  I divided these triggers into Direct Issues and Indirect Issues....more
I have never smoked, but I suffered a massive heart attack this summer at age 38.  I wasn't ...more

Day 1 NaBloPoMo

It’s National Blog Posting Month!  I thought what a wonderful way to build content for a new blog!  After all, when I found National Novel Writing Month  (NaNoWriMo)  I took March and created my book by writing 1,500 words a day.  Four years later I’m still editing that book and I’m in the middle of publishing a series of six little commuter reads, but hey, I’m figuring things out.  I’m finding out how to be a writer … and today is no different....more

Don't Make This Horrible Parenting Mistake

When I was eight years old, I wanted to be a singer. When I was nine years old, I wanted to be an actress. And when I was ten years old, I wanted to be a writer. As I entered my teen years, my ideas of what I wanted to be varied each year, but wanting to be a singer, actress, and writer never left my mind. ...more
I can understand both sides since I'm a parent now.  I do think it's important to encourage our ...more

10 Ways to Guarantee You Do NOT Make A Sale

Let's talk. There is a lot of information available on how to sell your merchandise. You can take a course, read a book, do research on-line. What I want to address here is how to be sure you don't sell....more

2014 Bucket List Update

I wrote my first ever bucket list 3 months ago. On it, there were many things that I considered to be goals. I'd previously thought that a bucket list had to be a compilation of fun and adventurous things only, then learned different and decided to write my own. Since that time, a few things have happened, and new things have been unofficially added to the list. But, since it has been 3 months and I only gave myself 6 months to get 25 things completed, I think it's high time I do an update. 2014 Bucket List! ...more

10 Tips on How to Work From Home

It has been almost a month since I decided to renounce my conventional 9 to 5 life and pursue my nagging professional goals as if someone was already paying me a substantial salary to do it. Some people might call this daring while others may say it’s preposterous. After all, as a woman already in her thirties, shouldn’t I have gotten this dreaming business out of the way already? Shouldn’t I be properly settled into a comfortable suburban existence with an actual career trajectory, or children, or if I was a real over achiever, both?...more

A Blog Break Feels Great

It feels great.  What a weight lifted from my shoulders.  I'm not thinking about how many days until I must create a new post for my site.  I'm not hoping for any new subscribers.  I'm not wondering if this one will be the 'hit' of the month or the year.  I'm on a blog break.  So, what am I doing here, you might be wondering. ...more
survivelivethrive That's wonderful! Sounds like a great holiday.  I'm looking forward to my ...more

Mid-Year Bucket List

I recently read about a Summer Bucket list from the Crafty Side of Sarcasm and thought to myself, "I can do this. I can make a bucket list for a period of time, not my whole life at once or many years." So, here I am making and publishing a bucket list....more