Are you there God?

The conversation started innocently. I was at a friend’s cookout. A mutual friend and I began conversing about CCD (Catholic education). Bridget is of the age to begin CCD and learn the rites of passage in the faith. There are just a few small problems with that: 1. While she is of “age” she is not of “grade” (most children begin at 1st grade) 2. Learning (enough said) and 3. while most kids do not understand what sin is they do know right from wrong....more


 Disclaimer:If you are easily offended or are sickened by the dirty details and rough language of real life, failure, loss, brokenness, Redemption, Reconciliation, and Restoration—you very probably should NOT read this blog entry!  Proceed at your own risk…~~~ ...more

I Love the Lord! It’s Just That Simple

When we wait on God’s timing and not allow the influence of others cause us to act prematurely, God will show up and show out, suddenly.While you are waiting on God, he is waiting on you, to see who you will trust; him or the human efforts of others....more

Where Is Your God?

I recently thought about asking my 13 year old niece this question: Where Is Your God?Reason being for the past 11 years or so, I have been her closest advocate. Her mother has never been around and her grandmother just seems to have this weird vendetta against her just because of who her parents are. She has been pushed aside and rejected by her own brothers and sisters; a real Cinderella story in the making. Now at the age of 13, she is trying to figure all this chaos out and all she can come up with is that her family hates her....more

What If We Just Worshipped