Some More Answers to the Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children

 God never violates our boundaries...more

God never sends radical suffering

 What follows is another response to the spiritual questions of sexually abused children:God never sends radical suffering...more

...So, Here's The Thing, God...

….I been thinking…I want a brand new life and I don’t want it to look like anything I have lived up until this point.  Now having said that, let me digress for a moment-...more

Navigating Career & God: Produced by Faith

Is your faith integrally involved with your career choices? How do you navigate the waters of career in a way that aligns with having a desire for a deeper relationship with God? Those are a few of the questions considered in this post from A Diva State of Mind about her own career in fashion inspired by the book Produced By Faith by DeVon Franklin. ...more

He is Risen indeed!

He is Risen Indeed!  Another Easter Sunday – whatever a person's faith, practices, higher power or NOT - many of us have practiced annual traditions to guide us to today, Easter Sunday....more

Connecting to The Source

One Saturday last Fall I drove over to Kailua, one of the prettiest areas of Oahu to have breakfast with a friend. Afterwards I took the coast road home and stopped at one of my favorite places, Waimanalo beach to get a little "ocean therapy". The local people believe that getting into the ocean on a regular basis is essential, as it provides cleansing of the world's negative energies, as well as blesses and energizes you. The Polynesian way of life includes time in the water, every day....more

A Letter to My Kids About God

Thinking about religion and spirituality hurts my head....more

A Pre-Geriatric Saga: The Biopsy Blues

Ms. J. S. Butler I wrote this post very early this morning on my WordPress blog. It was so appropriate for this setting, I am including it here. Located at ...more

To Meat or Not to Meat...That is the Question.

I often wonder if I could ask God anything and get a definitive answer on the spot, what exactly would I ask. It changes from week to week, day to day, minute to minute, but there are always three questions that reassert themselves again and again. One of these  is, “Is it wrong to eat meat?” I have ping ponged back and forth between being a vegetarian and a carnivore for the last twenty years, with my longest meatless stint being a solid three....more

Breaking free to find me

2 careers later .... still miserable! How can this be? Did the world trick me as a child?  Was my dream of leading a happy fulfilling life and career a fallacy?  Or was it just me who was cheated out of everything she desired?To understand my dismay, I had to take a look at the life I had built and the beliefs in which I operated upon. I grew up believing that: Any job with a moderate salary and pension for retirement = the only safe way to live.If you're unhappy = Stay because you need that financial protection for retirement....more