Role Play

It’s no surprise that I went into health law. Being a natural control freak, it has been nice over the past dozen years to be the one in charge. To say to a surgeon, who is so incredibly skilled and calm under pressure, it’s okay. Let me explain how this works. Even though inside, I’m probably laughing a bit, like “this is only a deposition!  If it ends badly, what’s a half-day mediation among friends?” And yet I’m a lawyer, and this is what I know....more

brown paper stories

I hate to use the word artist to describe myself.  I’m not covered in tattoos and don’t work a night shift at IHOP.  I’m not struggling to make ends meet, recovering from a drug habit, or walking around with paint on my elbows.  I’m a lawyer, for goodness sakes.  The amount of artistry it takes to craft a well-rounded, persuasive argument is only appreciated by a select few.  To everyone else, lawyers are just suits whose mouths open and shut and money comes funneling into their pockets every time they answer the phone.  As if....more

Life Sucks Then You Die…could you imagine?

Truths from the Chaos Life Sucks Then You Die…could you imagine? These words came to mind in the middle of a night last week. Why…I don’t know. I think I was in junior high or high school when I first heard these words from class mates in passing. It was typical of high school slang. I doubt any of us believed we would die because life sucked. It was the kind of thing we said if a friend couldn’t make it to a party or a football game. Junior high and high school could be so dramatic....more
I will be drawing away again but I am thrilled that I stopped by, wrote a bit and saw your ...more

Does Power Make Women Fantasize About Submission?

There is a great need among our species to answer the question of "why," and this need often leads to wild speculation that is very difficult to substantiate. When it comes to BDSM, we cannot ask "why" because the people who practice surrender are not a homogenous group. We're not just women, we're not just straight, we're not just submitting to lovers or even other humans. The answer to the question of "why" is as varied as our numbers are varied. All we can ask is "how." ...more
Mmm very bewildering and something that I might have got into when I was a Catholic with a kind ...more

Don't Try so Hard; You'll Just Get in His Way

People say that children are like sponges; they absorb values, attitudes, culture and spirituality simply through osmosis.  It is not simply a question of  parent's actions speaking louder than  their words; it goes much deeper than that. Both my husband and I were often unaware of the deep spirituality that flowed from our children  to us as well as from us as parents to our offspring. ...more
@HomeRearedChef yes, all glory to HIM. What a relief to say those words because the work is all ...more

Lessons from Two Days of Fasting: A Post-Lent Wrap Up

A friend of mine lasted four days. Another slipped the day after Ash Wednesday. And I lasted two. As such, I spent most of the fasting season wondering what happened. In short, I didn't want to think about it and my guess is that for many of us, it's easier to get swept up into the monotony of life rather than to choose deliberate actions that require conscious thought towards the direction we really want for our lives. ...more

My Earliest Childhood Memories of God

 My earliest childhood memories of God; it was second or maybe third grade I learned to spell God with a capital G. Shortly after - so it had to be third grade or so -  my parents told me, and my brother they were going to get a divorce. I ran downstairs to our basement, raised my little fist to God and said, “I asked you to make them do the right thing!” ...more
 @jellydonuts_or_god You are so fortunate to have had two strong women as role models who opened ...more

I Believe, Part Three

I believe that our Childhood holds a key to our adult happiness.I believe that we must face the wounds of childhood and heal our past.I believe in therapy.I believe we can find the Child within and learn to love that Child.I believe we can recovery the joy and spirit of Childhood. I believe that the Spirit is at work in the world but I do not believe that God directly causes good and bad things to happen in everyday life and in Nature, not usually....more
welI - I  BELIEVE that I have discovered a kindred soul ..Somehow I have manged to stumble upon ...more

Rest In Peace Grandma Flo

Last week my husbands grandmother passed away.  She was ill, and we know she's in a better place, but of course it's still hard.I delivered the eulogy at her service over the weekend...I hope I did her justice.We are here today to grieve, to mourn, and most importantly to celebrate. When I think of Flo, so many things come to mind...sitting around a table for hours playing rummy--you'd better not win, or else you MUST have been cheating!...more
I'm very sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose the ones we love.more


Sometimes I find that shortly after I have read or studied a particular subject, I am presented with an opportunity to use my newfound knowledge to help someone. Though this has happened many times, it surprises me each time it occurs....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thanks, Isabel, for reading and commenting.  I'm reading your posts, too, and ...more