The Beginning...

The Start of Something New Hello All! Since all of the recent trials I have been going through I have had several people tell me it is a good idea to start a journal. What better way than to start a blog! I want to use this as a way to tell people how I am feeling and allow God to use my struggles and joys to reach others. I pray God will heal me and several other people through this process....more

How Much Is Too Much? AKA The Single Girl Rant

I hit the jackpot of friends and family; in fact I figure the reason I’m not much of a relationship girl is because the world already gave me so many good friends, if I had any more, it would be unfair to the rest of the population.OK, that’s a load of BS…What I should say is I love my friends, adore them, they are the best. They are always there for me, they pick me up when I’m down and a few of them would do anything for me – most of the time....more

Life isn't fair

Sometimes life’s a turncoat. If I had a sling shot I’d just shoot life right between the eyes because I’m David and small and yet this big old Goliath-life barges around like a bully.  I might have little value in this world but I’m a fighter, so someone please hand me a rock because my hands are shaking and I need to throw something.  Patience is a virtue, the Bible says.  It also says the meek inherit the earth and all kinds of other proverbs that are right and true but I’m so mad I could spit....more


For you to understand my ideas you must first know:...more

'Hating' God as a Form of Prayer?

I went to confession for the first time in five years on Saturday evening. This was about as vomit-inducing as it sounds. I kept praying to God, "I don't want to go. Do I have to go? I don't want to go! Say I don't have to go. You know you forgive me for all of the terrible shit I do anyway, so tell me I don't have to go." God said back to me (yes, God talks to me) (another post for another time? perhaps), "You don't have to go. But you should go."...more

Thoughts about god

I have been thinking about god. Not precisely about god but about ideas of god and who god is/was/should be. I often discuss my snarky what-if-god-is -a-group-of-teenaged-boys-from-a-large-and-superior-race-playing-D&D-with-this-planet. But, seriously and closer to home, I do embrace the idea that god is the divine architect who created the world and set it in motion, then went on to other things. My right-wing, fundamentalist youngest brother is appalled by that idea, saying that it makes no sense for god to have created the world then abandoned it....more

Managing Your Fears With The Help Of God

By: Stan Popovich Dealing with fear and anxiety can be very difficult. As a result, using the help of God can be very effective in managing your fears. With this in mind, here are some suggestions on how a person can use the help of God in his or her own struggles. The first step a person should do is to start talking and praying to God. A person can go to church or to a quiet place during the day to tell God that they are having a problem. They should tell God how they feel and ask God for some of his help....more

No processing. Just rest.

This was originally posted at on November 5, 2012   ...more

Lessons of April

 In April, 2012, we had one disaster after another hit. First, my husband ended up in the hospital with 190/130 blood pressure.  That was scary, and it was enough to cause us to make some major life changes.  We started eating better and exercising more.  The changes were sudden and drastic, but we did it.  However, don’t tell him he was overweight.  You DO NOT want to get him started!...more


I have been angry with God since Wednesday. The kind of angry where you don’t want to talk to Him (pray). The kind of angry where you say “what the hell.”...more