The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) February 24, 2010 -- Alan

Hello, Maria. I got your letter, it was nice and inspirational. Thank you so much. Everything you talked about I could relate to. I was born and raised a Catholic, but somewhere along the way I gave it up. I'm just your basic Christian. ...more

Awake, Awake (Early morning with God)

Awake, Awake. Early morning stillness wraps itself around creation. The break of day gently spills over the roof tops and trees. One by one the birds come awake - as they sing their morning song to me. Soon The stillness, song and light have filled my heart. ...more

“Some days I think I know the Truth and feel I am guided from Above. But at other times I feel ...more

(My First Letter to a Prisoner) February 20, 2010 -- Maria

So looking back now as I re-type and scan these letters into my computer in order to post them on this blog, I have to make a face at the content of those first few letters. They were written with heart-felt emotion and passion, but man they sure were dull and boring! It's a wonder we even kept it up. I have to laugh at myself, because that first letter was like a sermon! I don't know what I thought I was doing, if I was going to save that boy's soul with one letter or what. But I had good intentions, and I remember I was pretty nervous about sending a letter to a guy in prison. ...more

...but trust me. This is the budding of a gorgeous, epic fairy-tale love story. You'll have to ...more


Are you one of those people who does not believe in God and points to Science as one of their basis of a non-existence of a greater power? Or are you one of those who believe that Science is complementary to God's existence. What did Science do to me to make me believe in God? Here's why...continue to read here--

In Love With a Prisoner -- Before We Begin, A Little About Us

Hi, there! We're Alan and Maria -- two people who fell in love via letters. But not just any love... a real, unique, unorthodox love found only in legends and stories. Our friendship via written correspondence started out as just that -- a friendship. Maria intended to help encourage this intelligent, witty, determined man and build up his faith, while Alan in turn thought he was gaining a smart, friendly, sweet penpal in Christ. ...more

In Love With a Prisoner -- Introduction part 3 ...more

In Love With a Prisoner -- Introduction part 2 ...more

In Love With a Prisoner -- Introduction part 1

Hi, there. My name is Maria, and I'm the author of this blog. I'm a little on my own here, since Alan is still in prison and has no access to the internet or email. Believe me, though, he knows what I'm doing. In fact, he's working with me every step of the way as I post these letters of ours. ...more

Life is too short to say "I don't know how."

As you may have gathered if you read my other blog posts, I write about aging, getting older, the second half of life.....and what it means....real-time. I have become acutely aware of a glaring defect in my personality. Although I long to do certain things...some of which I mentioned earlier, I seem to have drifted through life never having embarked on many of these dreams.  Now, I am not saying that I am actually called to such. As I wrote in an earlier blog...I am not talking about riding my bike across the United States....more

Star Wars and God: My message from C-3P0.

I had to search deep in my purse for something to write with yesterday morning.  I fingered a half eaten chocolate chip granola bar and a diaper before finally getting to where the pens hide.  The one I eventually pulled out was from a Star Wars birthday party my son attended last weekend.  It’s bright orange with a picture of C-3P0 and has this really cool window on the side so that when you click the pen in and out, a quote from C-3P0 shows up.  Four quotes scroll by a...more