Animals as a Pathway to Source


The Divine Exists!

What exactly is the nature of the Divine, whether you call it god, a superior being, or a greater essence?  Is life in and of itself proof of a supreme being’s existence, or is this more a matter of faith?  The answer is that studying life with care and pursuit of truth will allow you to discover that the tapestry of our entire existence is marked indelibly with a greater consciousness in every thread of the fabric....more

There is a Purpose in the Pain


I THINK I Believe in Being Positive. Maybe (Barefoot on the Ground)

Oh, Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief" used to be one of my favorite prayers--along with "Send my roots rain," and "please, please, please let there be enough money in my account to cover that last check."  (I don't know if it's true there are no atheists in foxholes, but I'm pretty damn sure there aren't too many the day before payday when you really needed that check two days earlier.)...more

Rejoice in This

It all started when I stepped onto the pier after enjoying a blissful sailboat cruise with our daughter, Joy.  The edge of the night sky was still pink from an enduring sunset.  The air was cool, but not chilly, at some unknown, yet perfect temperature.  My husband was in his glory, snapping photos of the all that is life around us.  And Joy looked more beautiful and content than ever, hand in hand with her adoring husband, and wonderfully pregnant.  ...more

You're Never Alone in the Fire

Ever noticed when you go through the deepest darkest seasons of life, you often feel alone? You know your family and friends are there, but you still feel all by yourself. You are certain that God is with you, but you cannot "feel" His presence as much as you long to. Sometimes, painful-laden grief can be so severe, so intense and so piercing that it can render you spiritual numb. During these season, even the Word of God can feel like it's not penetrating - not getting through. But it is and He's still there....more

Leonid Meteor Shower: Impact?

I know this is an annual event (my husband just tonight alerted me to it's impending appearance)--the Leonid meteor shower--but I am still reeling from the video we saw last night, a 3-hour production made from the TV mini-series, "Impact." ...more

Zombies Walk the Earth - Are You One of Them?

Some people have the life. ...more

Stop living for your self, He knows your need before you need it. Rather entrust your life to ...more

For once a question about god and his ways was answered to me!

  So all my life I have been told to shut up and believe when ever I asked a question that even related to god and his ways, and I have had religion shoved down my throat my whole life. One reason I quit believing for the longest time....more

Existence of the Divine

Why the Divine, a Greater Essence, Must Exist! Is the belief in god, the Divine, or a greater essence merely a matter of faith, or is life in itself a proof of the existence of a supreme entity? The fact is if you examine life carefully, you will realize the entire fabric of our existence has the indelible mark of a greater consciousness that is found in every thread! ...more