Oh The Places We Will Go!

There are certain numbers in your life that are milestones. There are several of them in a lifetime. Today, my youngest son turned eighteen. Suddenly, magically, he is now an adult. I know there is more to being an adult then a number. The number is just a starting place.He can vote, defend his country, and be held legally responsible for his actions. Yesterday he still was my little boy (I know he would not like that little boy reference but he was). Just yesterday he was playing with toy trucks and having sleepovers....more

College Drop Off, Her New Journey

Yesterday was the dress rehearsal for the real send off today.  She was still ensconced “en famille” until just an hour ago.  Yes it was tough.  But Carnegie Mellon sure made their case why she was ready and they were prepared to include her in their family.  They have studied the transition that takes place when families leave their most precious cargo at their doorstep and they rolled out such energy from the first moment we arrived.  One hundred and twenty student volunteers, trained to help with the unloading and set up, playing role of “moderator”, for what wou...more
You made me cry, I take my daughter to her college on Friday and she will be starting her new ...more

Separation Anxiety

I sent my oldest daughter off to college six weeks ago.  As with most moms, this has been a very bittersweet time for me.  Joy, pride, and an unbelievable sense of overwhelming gratitude have battled with sadness, angst and fear....more

I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Your comment had me in tears!

Mrs. B.more